13-Year-Old Self-Taught Painter Honors Exonerated 5 With Custom Backpack to Spread Awareness

A pint-sized painter is being praised for his latest masterpiece honoring the Central Park Five, now recognized as the Exonerated Five.

Tyler Gordon said it was his chance encounter with the men  — Raymond SantanaKevin RichardsonAntron McCrayYusef Salaam and Korey Wise — at this year’s BET Awards that inspired him to begin painting the formerly incarcerated men. The quintet was wrongfully convicted in the brutal rape and assault of a Central Park jogger in 1989, a story recently dramatized in the Netflix series “When They See Us.”

Tyler Gordon
Artist Tyler Gordon, 13, said he chose to honor the Central Park Five on his backpack as part of his effort to raise awareness of their story. (@official_tylergordon / Instagram)

Gordon, 13, was on the hunt for the perfect backpack to carry into the eighth grade, but nothing seemed to fit. The young teen took to the internet for inspiration and found an image of the Exonerated Five by Serygraphy. That’s when he grabbed a white backpack and took to painting his own version of the photo.

“I chose to paint them on my backpack so that kids at my school and other adults would be reminded of what happened to them,” Gordon told media outlet Because of Them We Can.

The young artist, who’s from San Jose, California, and only started painting two years ago, said his meet-up with the five men has impacted his life in more ways than one.

“I was very excited when I met them because they acted themselves and I felt glad for them because they didn’t let [what happened to them] bring their whole lives down,” he added.

Like the Exonerated Five, Gordon has triumphed over adversity in his life. The painter was born deaf and didn’t utter his first words until he was 6 years old, according to his mother , Nicole Kindle. It was breakthrough surgery to unfuse the bones behind Gordon’s ears that allowed him to hear.

Kindle said she’s more than proud of her son’s achievements.

“He took his gifts that he was blessed with and [is] using them to raise awareness for the things going on in the world,” she said.

Gordon has painted countless notable pieces, including portraits of late Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, Janet Jackson and slain West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle. According to BOTWC, his artwork has won praise from the likes of Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Jennifer Lopez and others.

“I think this will look good on a t-shirt,” Gordon said of one of his paintings of the Exonerated Five. “Don’t you????”

Watch more in the video below.

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‘Serving Face’: Ciara Followers Say Daughter Sienna Has ‘Model’ Looks

Most kids love Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Ciara‘s kids Future Zahir Wilburn and Sienna Princess Wilson are no different. At least according to some photos the famed singer posted on Wednesday.

In one pic, both children seem to be excited about diving into huge bags of cotton candy they’re holding. In another, the two little ones pose with characters from the “Black Panther” film. A third one captures them chilling with Minnie Mouse, and Mickey Mouse joins them for the fourth photo.

A lot of people said Russell Wilson (L) and Ciara’s (R) daughter Sienna (C) could be a model. (Photo: David M. Benettv / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Ciara’s followers clearly loved all of the pics and commented on the warm family vibe they gave off. But a lot of people also had a lot to say about 2-year-old Sienna, and how she has the future potential to model.

“Awww 👏👏look how beautiful Sienna looks in all these pictures 😍,” someone wrote.

“Sienna modeling on that second pic!!!” another person chimed in.

“Sienna serving face hunni 😍😍🙌🏽” a third person commented.

Meanwhile, Ciara’s husband of 3-years Russell Wilson recently spoke to Men’s Journal about once being a “bad kid,” as well as a bully. But things changed once he found spirituality and “Fell in love with Jesus.”

“I was going to church to see the cute girls,” he said.

But a nightmare the NFL quarterback had as a child turned things around for him from that point on.

“In sixth grade I had a dream that my dad passed away,” he explained. “And that Sunday, I went to church, and I just start bawling all of sudden. And that’s when my life kind of changed.”

And his life certainly changed even more when he married Ciara in an English castle on July 6, 2016, then welcomed Sienna in April of the following year.

“Sienna, is a “BEAUTIFUL” little girl with her “MODEL POSE”!!!!👧🏽👧🏽👧🏽👧🏽,” another person wrote about the Disney photos.

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Trump Wants His Credit: Two Black Conservatives Berate A$AP Rocky for Not Thanking the President

When A$AP Rocky failed to thank President Donald Trump for reportedly freeing the rapper from his stint in Swedish jail last month, it apparently didn’t go over so well with the White House.

Yahoo News learned from Darrell Scott and Kareem Lanier, two Black conservatives with connections to the White House, that White House staffers were expecting an apology.

Instead, Rocky has only given general shows of appreciation that failed to mention the White House, Lanier told Yahoo.

Rocky was arrested in July for allegedly having a fight with two men in Sweden. As a result, he was held in a Swedish prison as his case worked its way through the courts in the Scandinavian nation.

Prosecutors suggested he stay there six months if he was found guilty due to being a flight risk, but Trump successfully advocated for Rocky’s release behind the scenes, according to the Yahoo News report.

When his trial concluded August 2, Rocky was released and allowed to return to the United States even though a verdict had not been reached in the case.

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“A$AP Rocky released from prison and on his way home to the United States from Sweden,” Trump tweeted. “It was a Rocky Week, get home ASAP A$AP.”

Scott and Lanier said when Rocky didn’t mention the White House, it seemed unappreciative.

“All he had to do was do a two-minute call to say thank you,” Scott told Yahoo. “Rocky hasn’t even called us and said, ‘Hey, man, thank you guys. I appreciate it,’ in private. Just in private.”

Lanier said it’s not uncommon for people in the Black community to distance themselves from Trump.

“One of the problems that we have as a culture — and I’m talking about black Americans — is herd mentality,” he told Yahoo. “Right now it’s popular for those guys to bash President Trump.”

Scott is an Ohio pastor, and Lanier is co-chairman of the Urban Revitalization Council, a nonprofit that works with the White House.

Both have been credited for bringing Rocky’s case to Trump’s attention following a plea from Hassan Muhammad, who described himself as a Hollywood “fixer,” Yahoo reported.

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‘Tell Your Security Guard to Chill’: Steve Harvey’s Inspirational Video Goes Off the Rails When Fans Spot Bodyguard Doing This

Steve Harvey appeared to have been in a bit of a reflective mood Monday when he posted a video to his Instagram account giving an inspirational speech to fans in Botswana.

“Don’t ever give up,” he told the crowd that gathered around him. “Talk to God every day. It’s the only way. There is no other way. In order to be successful, you have to have faith. Talk to God every day and never give up. And work like a dog.”

As Harvey spoke, the crowd cheered in agreement. 

The caption the comedian added reflected Harvey’s origins before he broke through in the industry on “Showtime at the Apollo.” He says he had become homeless in the late 1980s and wound up living out of his 1976 Ford Tempo. As he told People magazine in 2013, he used a cooler in the backseat as a refrigerator and cleaned himself up using public restrooms, like those in a hotel, and showered at public swimming pool facilities.

The message not only resonated with people in the southern African nation but also people residing elsewhere who commented on Harvey’s post.

“Love love love this! You just reminded me of something! Thank you!”

“That’s right Steve . God is proud of you. So your chapter will be something seen before . The world loves you Steve Harvey. Keep up the good work.”

“Wow!! Incredibly practical and amazing message! Love this.”

“God is the answer 👍🙏 we walk by faith and not by sight🙏”

But while fans were moved by the former “Steve” host’s message, they also took notice of what they deemed as an overzealous security guard whose eyes darted around the crowd and who kept Harvey moving when he wrapped his speech.

“That security guy need to chill”

“Yo that security dude don’t play!!”

“🇧🇼Tell your security guard to chill, you were in a very safe country”

“@polokopercy yeah he must chill no more guns hear,” another follower responded.

Harvey’s stop in Botswana follows an emotional trip he and his family took to the slave castles along Ghana’s coast. During a trek to Elmina Castle and Cape Coast Castle, Harvey and his wife Marjorie Harvey were moved to tears as they walked through the pitch-black rooms that African slaves were forced to be crammed into during the slave trade.

“This was real pain I felt going back to Ghana’s slave castles…I could feel my ancestors on me… Powerful beyond words that I can explain,” the comedian wrote in part in the caption of the castle visit footage.

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Nashville Father’s Attempt to Address Daughter’s Dress Code Violation Ends with Him In a Chokehold

What started as a suspension for breaking a Nashville high school’s dress code ended with a Black father on the ground in a chokehold and both he and his daughter in police custody Monday.

In a 12-second video of the incident Scoop Nashville obtained, a white school resource officer can be seen on the floor holding Waymon Arms, 40, in a chokehold while a Black policewoman can be seen trying to put the man in handcuffs.

The incident started when Arms and his 16-year-old daughter visited Stratford High School the next school day following the girl’s Friday suspension, according to Yahoo Lifestyle.

It is unclear what the dress code violation was or why the student was suspended. The school district’s handbook notes that dress code violations do not result in out-of-school suspension or expulsion. But when she showed up at the campus with her father, they were both asked to leave multiple times, Nashville police told Yahoo.

They instead headed toward classrooms and argued with school officials, police said.

“It was at this point that School Resource Officers George Patonis and Akira McSwain attempted to intervene,” the Metro Nashville police department said in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle.

Officer Patonis tried to arrest the father, police said.

“Arms resisted arrest for about four minutes during which he went to the ground and placed both of his arms under his body, presumably to avoid being handcuffed,” police said in the statement.

The teenager is also accused of kicking McSwain and administrative personnel before both she and her father were taken into custody, Yahoo reported. 

Arms didn’t report any injuries to an intake nurse at the Metro jail, police told Yahoo.

He was released on a $1,500 bond and charged with disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.

Arms’ daughter was charged in Juvenile Court with two counts of assault against school administrators, two counts of assault against police, disorderly conduct and trespassing, Yahoo reported.

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‘She Can’t Be Tamed!’: Tommie Lee Leaves Fans Transfixed With Über-Sexy Post

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” actress Tommie Lee showed up and showed out for the ‘Gram this week.

The television personality left little to the imagination on Wednesday evening after sharing a smoking-hot photo of herself rocking a skimpy dominatrix-style garment dressed by celebrity wardrobe stylist Amy J. She wore a two-piece leather belted set with a pair of open-toe black stiletto heels.

Lee accentuated her get-up with a chain, a black bag, diamond square earrings and matching color sun visor. She wore her wavy tresses in a high ponytail and flaunted her super glam makeup look. The image apparently was taken at the Waldorf Astoria Atlanta Buckhead inside her hotel room. She posed with her legs crossed at a dining table and suggestively pretended to eat a McDonald’s fry.

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee, 35, sent fans swooning with her latest look showing off her sexy, toned physique. (Photo: @tommiee_ / Instagram)

She wrote via Instagram, “Too Artsy for the Hood, Too Hood for the Artsy #tommieshit.”

The 35-year-old mother of two apparently tried to evoke her 2016 “#currynoodles” photo shoot of herself that served as the artwork cover for Migos’ hit single, “Bad & Boujee”

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee in the cover art for “Bad & Boujee” (Photo: @tommiee_ / Instagram)

Lee received over 102,000 likes on her photo by followers who ogled her post.

“You wearing that fit looking too cute, you go Tommie!!!🔥 why you killing them like this? 😩”

“Always looking good pooh 😩😍❤️ I ain’t never wanted McDonald’s this bad”

“😍💎that’s why I love the word Women bae stay cutting up!! BigFactz”

“The girl is bad af 🔥! Yesssssssss just like the ramen noodle shoot yessssssss bad and boujiee 💚”

Lee’s bold and bodacious fashion photos have definitely been gaining attention all over the web. Before making her way onto “LHHATL” season 5 in 2015 she had a career in modeling.

“I started out modeling, doing music videos from Gucci Mane to T.I.,” Lee told VH1 in March 2016. She also made mention of her aspiring music career as a rapper.

“I’ve been around this my whole life, it’s my lifestyle I eat, sleep and s–t music. You can’t run away from what you’re meant to do,” she added.

As for her legal woes, the model and rapper is now on 10 years of probation for her recent child abuse case . She plead guilty to five of the original seven charges she was slapped with.

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‘Who Raised You’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Blast Ceaser After Failing to Tell His Ex She’s ‘Beautiful’ Amid Plastic Surgery Conversation

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel is back in hot water with viewers.

Over the last few seasons of the show, the shop owner has been accused of being extremely disrespectful toward his female employees. During season 7, he got into a huge argument with his day one employee and “sister” Sky Days after she decided to open up a business of her own and even called her a “b–ch” amid their confrontation. Fans at the time scolded Emanuel for not taking his female colleague’s emotions into consideration and instead using profanity against her. It seems his apparent lack of ability to treat women properly has came back to haunt him.

Ceaser Emanuel and his ex-girlfriend Crystal. (@blackink/Instagram) and (@vh1 screengrab)

During Wednesday night’s episode, Emanuel met with his ex-girlfriend Crystal, the mother of his teenage daughter Cheyenne, to discuss him possibly keeping their daughter for a period of time. Crystal told the “Black Ink” owner that she’s been feeling unattractive lately and wanted to undergo plastic surgery to get her jawline done.

“I don’t feel pretty,” she said. “I try to fix myself up and I still have an issue with the way I look. … I feel like I’m by myself.”

Emanuel jokingly responded, “If you fix your jaw you might die.” He then added that he’d rather for her to have low self-esteem than to “be dead.” Moments later, Crystal broke down in tears before the shop owner agreed to watch their daughter during her surgical operation and recovery period.

Several viewers felt Emanuel was being extremely insensitive to his ex-girlfriend’s feelings and slammed him.

“Who raised you Ceaser!! You could’ve told her she was pretty instead of making a joke of it smh shame on you 🤦🏾‍♀️.”

“Ceez ur an asshole for that try uplifting her next time”

“@ceaserblackink you better be there for her! Make sure she knows she is beautiful before and after the surgery 🙌”

“This is the part when you tell her she’s beautiful 🤷🏽‍♀️ smh really Ceaser”

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‘Did Hell Freeze Over?’: Joseline Hernandez Reunites with Stevie J. and Faith Evans, Leaving Fans Speechless

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” exes Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. left social media in shambles this week after posting a photo together of their family unit.

That’s right! The pair, who’ve been beefing for months, have apparently made amends with each other for the sake of their daughter. Hernandez, her 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella and her boyfriend DJ Balistic Beats met up with Stevie J. and his wife Faith Evans on Thursday, August 22, in Philadelphia. The “Love Like This” singer performed onstage that night, when she was apparently joined by her extended family members.

Joseline Hernandez
Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez. (Photos: @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram, @joseline/Instagram)

Hernandez shares her 2-year-old with the former “Bad Boy Entertainment” producer, and the two had been embroiled in a nasty custody battle.

Nevertheless, the 32-year-old took to Instagram Thursday evening and shared a picture of herself, her boyfriend, Faith Evans — who was holding baby Bonnie — and Stevie J., a shot that was presumably taken backstage.

“Amazing show tonight #FaithEvans #StevieJ #goodvibes #philly,” Hernandez captioned her post. The father of six also shared the image to his social page, writing, “God is the greatest.”

Joseline Hernandez
(Friom left to right) DJ. Balistic Beats, Joseline Hernandez, Faith Evans, 2-year-old Bonnie Bella and Stevie J. (Photo: @joseline/Instagram)

It’s fair to say both Stevie and Hernandez’s family photo left people with a slew of mixed reactions.

“Wait a min did hell freeze over? 😩 wth is goin on here never would I though 🤦”

“Loveeeee the picture ❤️!! This is what adults do…thanks for showing a good vibe”

“F–king wow I don’t how or what to feel about this but life sure takes you by surprise. God is good 🙏”

“Awww this really put a smile on my face #GROWH family always first Bella needs you both 💛🙌”

This wasn’t the first time the self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” and Stevie have recently reunited. They also took the internet by surprise when they posted a group photo of them and their friends having lunch together. The “Hitman” producer even teased a new spinoff, writing, “Cast for my new show 😉.”

Joseline Hernandez
(From Left to right) Stevie J., Adamma McKinnon, DJ Balistic, Joseline Hernandez, Baby Bonnie Bella. Sierra Gates, Akbar V. and Benzino. @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram

Hernandez temporarily lost custody of her 2-year-old daughter for three weeks after reportedly disregarding her and Stevie’s agreement. She reconnected with her daughter after they appeared in court August 15. Details about their court appearance have yet to be revealed.

After going back and forth and claiming the other was an unfit parent, it seems Hernandez and Stevie J. have finally put aside their tomfoolery for the sake of their daughter.

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California Enacts Law Holding Cops to One of Toughest Use-of-Force Standards in the Country

California has passed a new law restricting when police officers can pull the trigger, and many are calling it one of the strictest use-of-force standards in the nation.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law on Monday a bill forcing police officers to consider alternative measures to deadly force.

Assembly Bill 392, which takes effect January 1, stipulates that police officers “use deadly force only when necessary in defense of human life” instead of when it is “reasonable,” which current law maintains.

Racial Disparities in Fatal Police Shootings
A new law will hold California police officers to using “deadly force only when necessary in defense of human life” instead of when it is “reasonable.” (Photo by Getty Images)

Newsom thanked the bill’s author, San Diego Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, and said the entire country thanks her “because as California goes so goes the rest of the United States of America.”

The change followed vigorous private negotiations and public outcry in the death of Stephon Clark, the 22-year-old Black man fatally shot by two Sacramento officers in March 2018.

Police thought Clark was armed when they shot him in his grandparent’s backyard, but he was only carrying a cellphone, according to multiple media reports.

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Weber considered the bill’s passage into law a victory, and she thanked families of those killed for trusting her in negotiations.

“This will make a difference not only in California but we know it will make a difference around the world,” she said at a signing ceremony in Sacramento.

Family members of those slain surrounded Weber at the ceremony.

“We are doing something today that stretches the boundaries of possibility,” she said.

Not everyone is praising the legislation though.

Stevante Clark, the brother of Stephon Clark, told the Los Angeles Times: “The bill is watered down. Everybody knows that, but at least we are getting something done. At least we are having the conversation now.”

Attorney Kathleen Mastagni Storm, who pushed for a total rejection of the bill, told the California Globe the law is a second-guessing opportunity for anyone looking at video or body camera footage after a shooting.

“AB 392 criminalizes police use of force, and tips the balance, unnecessarily jeopardizing public safety,” Mastagni Storm said in April before the bill was passed by the legislature. “This proposed law is based on a false narrative that the use of deadly force in situations is not necessary.”

She argued it is.

Source: Black info

Mother’s Call to Police Leads to Arrest of White Man Who Sprayed Her 14-Year-Old Black Son with Water Hose

A white man who claimed he is Ku Klux Klan member has been charged with harassment after video showed him spraying a 14-year-old Black teen with a water hose this month.

Glen Nicodemus, 59, was arraigned Wednesday and released on his own recognizance, according to CBS affiliate WROC-TV.

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Although the Monroe County District Attorney said the alleged crime didn’t rise to the level of a hate crime, a judge issued an order of protection for the victim, the news station reported.

Racist Spraying Incident
A Black teen and an East Rochester man engaged in a profane war of words last week that ended with the teen being soaked by a water hose. (Tina Barber / Facebook video screenshot)

The boy’s mother, Christina Poles, contacted police when video of the August 14 incident in East Rochester surfaced.

In the video, Poles’ son and the man later identified as Nicodemus are seen arguing in the front of his home. The man can be heard warning the teen that he “shouldn’t be f—–g with the klan” before calling him the n-word.

“Tell your klan to pull up, n—a,” the teen shoots back. “It’s free smoke, n—-a.”

Moments later, the man is shown grabbing his garden hose and dousing the teen as he leaves with his friends.

“It was like a scene out of the ’60s,” the mother told WROC.

Source: Black info

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