Ethiopia, Eritrea Leaders to Meet ‘Soon’ As the Rival Countries Move Closer to Peace

Osman Sale
Eritrea’s Foreign Minister Osman Sale, center-right, is welcomed by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, center-left, upon the Eritrean delegation’s arrival at the airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tuesday, June 26, 2018.  (AP Photo/Mulugeta Ayene)

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — The leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea will meet “soon” amid a surprising diplomatic thaw between the rival nations, Ethiopia’s top diplomat said Thursday, as an end to one of Africa’s longest-running conflicts appeared to move closer.

The meeting will “create a fertile ground to restore peace,” Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu told The Associated Press. “Details regarding the location and timing are under discussion.”

The minister spoke as an Eritrean delegation led by Foreign Minister Osman Saleh concluded a historic three-day visit to Ethiopia, the first in two decades. The countries broke off relations when a border war began in 1998, five years after Eritrea won independence from Ethiopia, and their leaders haven’t met since signing a 2000 peace deal in Algeria.

The meeting would bring together Ethiopia’s reformist new prime minister, who took office in April, and the president of one of the world’s most reclusive nations.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed surprised the region earlier this month by fully embracing the 2000 peace deal that ended the war that killed tens of thousands. Ethiopia had refused to accept the deal’s handing of key locations to Eritrea and the countries have skirmished over the years.

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, who has been in power since independence, noted the “positive signals” and sent the delegation, saying it would “gauge current developments directly and in-depth” and plan future steps.

In a highly symbolic move on Tuesday, Abiy greeted the Eritrean delegation at the airport as they were draped with necklaces of flowers. “We have tried war and found it useless,” he told a dinner reception that night at the National Palace.

Ethiopian Airlines will soon begin flights to Eritrea, Abiy said, adding: “We want our brothers and sisters to come here and visit us as soon as possible.” The delegation also visited a new industrial park in the southern region’s capital, Hawassa, a reminder of Ethiopia’s status as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

“Honestly speaking, I have found Prime Minister Abiy a wise leader. We want to live with our Ethiopian neighbors as one people,” said the special adviser to Eritrea’s president, Yemane Gebreab.

The Eritrean delegation’s visit is welcome as “a first concrete step in the process of normalizing relations between the two countries,” the spokesman for the U.N. secretary-general said in a statement Thursday, saying the moves to ease tensions will have far-reaching effects in the East Africa-Horn of Africa region.

In a sign of the new effort at dialogue between the rivals, at least one Eritrean diplomat, its ambassador to Japan, publicly condemned Saturday’s grenade attack on a huge rally in Addis Ababa shortly after Abiy addressed the crowd.

Two people died and more than 150 were hurt in the blast, while Ethiopia’s ruling party blamed “desperate anti-peace elements” and vowed to continue with sweeping political and economic reforms in Africa’s second most populous country.

Not everyone cheered Ethiopia’s embrace of the peace deal. Some Ethiopians in the north near the Eritrean border held protests. And the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front, a party in Ethiopia’s ruling coalition that has been the dominant force in government for most of the past 27 years, said the announcement had been made before the ruling coalition’s Congress met to discuss it.

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Black Man Escorted Out of Pennsylvania Amusement Park Despite Being Cleared As Pickpocket Files Lawsuit

dorney park
Dorney Park

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A black man is suing a Pennsylvania amusement park, alleging security officers racially profiled him saying he matched the description of a pickpocket, then escorted him out of the park even after it was determined he wasn’t the suspect.

The federal lawsuit, filed Wednesday, says Benjamin Slater was with three friends at Dorney Park on June 17 when a security guard approached him.

The suit alleges the guard demanded Slater empty his pockets, which contained his cellphone, wallet and keys. He was then taken to the security office. He was met by local police officers, and it was eventually determined he wasn’t the suspect.

The suit says despite that, he was removed from the park about 60 miles (96 kilometers) north of Philadelphia.

The suit seeks $75,000 and other damages.

A Dorney Park spokeswoman says the company believes the case is “without merit.”

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NBA Legend Oscar Robertson Wonders ‘Where are the White Athletes’ In Fight Against Injustice

Oscar “The Big O” Robertson poses in the press room with the lifetime achievement award at the NBA Awards on Monday, June 25, 2018, at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) — Oscar Robertson commends the off-court activism of today’s NBA players, although the Hall of Famer wonders why more white athletes aren’t speaking out, too.

Robertson received the Lifetime Achievement Award from presenters Charles Barkley and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at the NBA Awards on Monday night.

Robertson is the career leader in triple-doubles and was the first player to average one for a season. His antitrust case against the NBA also ushered in free agency for players, which Robertson said was his most important assist.

The 79-year-old former guard who starred at Crispus Attucks High in Indianapolis and in college at Cincinnati before going to the NBA said it’s time for players to speak out about politics and education, among other issues.

“But the only thing that really bothers me is where are the white athletes when this is happening?” he said backstage. “This is not a black athlete problem. You see injustice in the world. It’s all around you.”

Robertson’s high school and college career was plagued by racism.

“But it seems that what we have today is a system where you don’t want players to say anything at all,” he said. “Because years ago they didn’t say anything because they couldn’t say anything. But now I hope they all, the whites and the blacks get together. Even with the football.”

Robertson was referring to NFL players who have taken a knee or sat in silence during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality.

“What do you think is going to happen when the union gets involved with the owners?” he said “You think it’s going to be settled really easily? No, it’s not. It’s going to be nothing but a total mess.”

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Georgia Officers Rescue 2-Year-Old Girl Who Was Lost In the Woods Overnight

Police officials saved a missing child who spent the night in Port Wentworth Georgia woods after she went missing.

Kamiyah Vicks, 2, was rescued by a team of officers who found the little girl hiding behind a bush after hearing her cry for help.

Bianca Johnson the spokesperson for the Savannah Police Department told People Magazine that the young child was on her own for at least 15 hours.

“It was extremely hot, inching toward 100 degrees on Wednesday. We were very, very concerned for her safety,” department spokesperson explained. “[Port Wentworth police] pretty much called all the neighboring jurisdictions in to help.”

A Facebook video showed the three Georgia recruits Robert Parker, Ernest Mobley and Luis Esquina who found the little girl around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

“They came in and they formed a line … and just started walking through the woods. At that point, they were not only looking for her, but any type of clue that she might have been in that area,” said Johnson.

It took firefighters, volunteers and other search units a total of one and a half hours to find the 2-year-old.

The department spokesperson added, “They heard a cry and, when they did, they knew that it was a human cry and not an animal… They took off running and found her. She was hidden in a brush and you could see them pull her out of it.”

Camera footage displays one of the men yelling “That’s a child” as the group ran towards her and pulled her from the bush.

“She [Kamiyah Vicks] was in very good condition considering the fact that she had been in the woods alone overnight… You’ve got rattlesnakes, bugs, spiders, everything,” Johnson told the news source.

“Anyone could’ve found her, they just happened to be in the right place at the right time to hear that yell for help,” the Savannah employee added.

The child was last spotted with her mother in a stroller on Tuesday but the mother was seen without the little girl at 7 a.m. the next day. However, Port Wentworth police Major Lee Sherrod told CBS News that Vicks’ mother reported the child missing.

“It’s a 2-year-old baby, so I thank God every single day that he’s able to bless us and help us to get to where we’re at, and I thank God He was there on our side today,” Esquina told People.

The little girl suffered from minor scrapes and was taken to a nearby hospital. She’s said to be in “miraculously” good condition.

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Despite Messy Divorce Miss Quad’s Newest Instagram Photo Has Fans Gushing

“Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb-Lunceford isn’t letting her nasty divorce from Dr. Gregory Lunceford keep her from enjoying time with some of her furry family members.

The Bravolebrity on Monday took a break from taping “Sister Circle Live” to pose with pups Khloe and Kar’rie, the inspirations for her Picture Perfect Pup dog fashion brand.

“@sokhloenkarrie came down to ‘the circle’ today and stole everyone’s hearts. 😍 #smh #puppylove #pictureperfectpup #pawsup #SisterCircleTV TAG A PUP PARENT 🐩🐩🐩.”

That the posh pups made a splash at the studio is no surprise since their dog mom is a fashionista in her own right.

And it seems commenters on Webb-Lunceford’s page couldn’t get enough of the dogs with the colorfully dyed fur.

“I can believe it!! They are adorable!”

“Quad you look beautiful and refreshed! Your fur babies are darling cute! I have two little fur kids also and they are my babies.”

“I haven’t seen your dogs in such a long time. They are so adorable.”

“Awww they [are] so cute.”

“Too much puppy cuteness!”

Still, others were wondering why Miss Quad is so devoted to her pets without wanting children, something that was a major issue in her marriage to Dr. G.

“When are you going to be a mother of real kids?”

“Sister sister sister …I have a long haired chihuahua doll baby girl and I love her just as much as I love my human doll baby girl …PLEASE have some human kids they are the ones that u can visual mental physically and emotionally see yourself in or see yourself again..not saying that u don’t want to because idk but do it QUAD we’re all waiting & would love to see God & your beautiful creation… AINT nothing like seeing & loving yourself in a different flesh & receiving the same day & more love back.”

Still, someone took up for Quad.

“I think it’s so out of pocket when someone mentions you not having a baby. They don’t know your situation if there’s one. Stay out of her damn uterus!”

The #Married2Med star is currently sorting through a tough divorce from her husband, who recently filed documents seeking spousal support.

“Respondent denies that he has treated Petitioner cruelly,” the documents said, denying Webb-Lunceford’s allegations of “cruel treatment willfully inflicted” upon her by her husband. “Respondent further denies that he is guilty of adultery committed after the marriage between the parties.”

He also wanted a judge to require his wife to return the items she took from their shared residence without his permission and have her pay for his legal fees. Dr. G is also seeking “periodic and rehabilitative spousal support.”

Webb-Lunceford has yet to respond to the filing.

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60-Year-Old White Woman Arrested After Attacking Children on Connecticut Beach

Mary Holcomb
(photo via Connecticut State Police)

A white grandmother was recently arrested for hurling ghastly racial slurs at Black children who were in a swimming area in Killingly, Connecticut.

60-year-old Mary Holcomb reportedly yelled racial slurs at several kids as they were swimming in the midst of speaking to the children’s mother according to Norwich Bulletin. The family phoned the police who responded to the incident at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

This grandmother was everything but nice and police claim she was extremely intoxicated. Troop D State Police said that Holcomb was incoherent, yelling and refused to give up vital information such as her birth date and home address. Officers also disclosed that the woman flung herself on the ground.

The 60-year-old Connecticut resident was charged with interfering with an officer and second-degree breach of peace. Holcomb’s bond was set at $1,500 and is expected to appear in court on July 10 at Danielson Superior Court.

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Why Fabolous Won’t Get Jail Time for Assaulting Girlfriend Emily B

Fabolous emily b
(Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

After Fabolous made headlines months ago for assaulting girlfriend Emily B, the rapper plans to plead guilty to a lesser charge in the incident.

Bossip reported the rapper appeared in New Jersey’s Bergen County Superior Court Thursday, June 28 for an early disposition hearing, where he dressed in a red and blue tracksuit and was accompanied by an unidentified man and woman. Emily B, the mother of his two children, was not at the five-minute hearing.

Durning the court session Fab’s lawyer told the judge the case would be closed soon because his client planned to take a “pre-trial intervention” deal. Under such an agreement, Fab, whose real name is John Jackson, would plead guilty to what will likely be lesser charge other than those of aggravated assault and terroristic threats, which authorities slapped on him in the spring.

Rather than getting prison time, Fab will be sentenced to pre-trial intervention, which is a diversion program for first-time offenders lasting anywhere from six months to a few years. Should the rapper complete the stint successfully, his charges could be removed from his record.

Back in March, an incident that occurred at the height of their spat when Fabolous is alleged to have knocked out Emily’s two front teeth and after punching her seven times. He’s also accused of threatening his girlfriend in texts. One message said he wished to hit her in the head with baseball bat and that he would kill her but he “did not want to go out like that.”

However, since that time, Fab and Emily have reconciled and she even showed up to one of his hearings stemming from the assault. Emily posted an adoring Father’s Day message for the rapper earlier this month writing, “Happy Father’s Day @myfabolouslife! Thank you for being such an amazing father to our children! We love you 💙#papi.”

Fab is due to appear back in court in July.

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Memphis Activist Accuses Officers of Harassing Black Man Who Was Only Asking for Job Application

A Memphis-area activist has filed an internal investigation complaint against a local police officer following what he called a “concerning” interaction involving an African-American man earlier this month.

Recounting the June 6 incident, activist Hunter Demster said the man had just asked for a job application at a nearby restaurant when officers started questioning him. Demster told FOX 13 he was on his way home from a meeting when he realized something was off.

Video of the encounter, shot by the activist, briefly shows two officers — one plainclothes, the other uniformed — speaking with the man after stopping him on the sidewalk. One of the officers soon realizes he’s being recorded and orders Demster to turn off his camera.

“No! Absolutely not,” he tells the cop.

Just as Demster begins broadcasting on Facebook Live, the officer walks over and grabs his phone, shutting it off.

” … At this point, you’re interfering with an investigation,” the cop says seconds before the screen goes dark.

Per Memphis PD’s filming policy, officers aren’t allowed to order a person to stop filming and nor can they demand to know why they are being recorded. The policy even allows citizens to be critical of police activity, so long as it doesn’t “jeopardize an officer, suspect or constitute interference.”

Demster, who filed his complaint Wednesday, said he just wants to see all officers be held accountable to the policy.

“They didn’t like that they were on camera, and they didn’t like the idea of being held accountable,” he said of the two cops. The goal “is to get them to start abiding by the laws and policies that are in place to protect them and us.”

A spokesperson for Memphis PD said the department has opened an investigation into the incident because one of its officers was seen in the video. The other officer involved works for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

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