‘Bad Gyal Tings’: Fans Toast Keyshia Ka’Oir Living Her Best Life

One thing is certain, Keyshia Ka’Oir and her husband Gucci Mane are living life to the fullest.

The Ka’Oir Cosmetics owner posted a stream of photos and videos this week of herself and the “Met Gala” rapper spending time together, apparently at their Miami mansion. The two appeared to be enjoying their massive pool and backyard. One of the photos showed the model lying in a wooden hammock with a watermelon cocktail in her hand.

Keyshia Ka'Oir
Keyshia Ka’Oir. @keyshiakaoir/Instagram

She added in her caption: “She always gotta drink in her hand !! That’s cause she stay lit 😜🍹#WaterMelonCiroc🍉.” She also posted a clip this week of herself and Gucci loving on each other while lounging around in the pool.

Fans trumpeted Ka’Oir’s post, saying the celeb is living her “best life.”

“This is bad gyal tings 😩♥️ a boss and a queen living her best life.”

“This is what you call living life chillin outside wit a drink in ya hand n not caring about life 🔥🔥.”

“Damn I wish that was me they living they life to the max no cap 💚.”

“Mrs. Davis the flyest of them all n my role model. Continued blessings for ya’ll 💯.”

Ka’Oir and Gucci are no strangers when it comes to flaunting their wealth and opting for the best.

Keyshia Ka'Oir
Keyshia Ka’Oir and Gucci Mane at her January birthday celebration. (Photo: @keyshiakaoir/Instagram)

For the model’s birthday in January, she wore a scarlet-red Charbel Zoe gown embroidered with more than a weighty one million red Swarovski crystals, according to Vogue magazine. Her hubby also bought her a customized Rolls-Royce to match her 100-pound ensemble.

If that wasn’t already over the top, Ka’Oir gifted the rapper a 35-carat pinky ring for his birthday in February, costing over $1 million. In return, Gucci topped her present, buying her a 60-carat ring for Valentine’s Day.

The “Wopsters” have been criticized for their big spending from fans who feel the couple should use their money for better purposes.

“I hope they help the less fortunate for the holidays 🤔.”

“All that money they have could help the poor smh why not give back.”

“U never hear about them giving back to the needy what a waste 😩.”

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Judge Grants $100K Bond to White Woman Who Chased, Fatally Shot Black Man After Hit-and-Run

The Georgia woman accused of chasing and gunning down a Black man after he allegedly fled the scene of a crash was granted bond Friday.

Hannah Payne, 21, faces a murder charge in the death of Kenneth Herring, A Clayton County judge granted her release on $100,000 bond as she awaits  a murder trial stemming from the fatal incident, according to 11 Alive.

Hannah Payne
Prosecutors said Hannah Payne, 21, acted like the police when she followed and shot Kenneth Herring for leaving the scene of an accident. (CBS 46 /video screenshot)

Payne is now required to wear an ankle monitor and was ordered to keep away from others involved in the case. She is also barred from carrying a gun.

Her bond comes just days after a judge ruled in a preliminary hearing that there was enough evidence to move forward with prosecuting Paynee in Herring’s death. Prosecutors said the young woman shot and killed the 62-year-old man after he fled the scene of a car accident in Clayton County on May 7.

Herring failed to stop at a red light and slammed into a semi-truck. Payne witnessed the wreck but wasn’t involved in it, though her lawyer initially claimed Herring had hit her car, too.

In court, a prosecutor testified that Herring stayed on scene for at least 20 minutes, but left in the midst of a medical emergency one witness described as “probably like diabetic shock,” the station reported. That’s when Payne tailed the man for nearly a mile, then boxed him in with her Jeep while on the phone with 911.

Ignoring the dispatcher’s orders to stay at the initial scene, Payne instead followed Herring and confronted him — with a gun. 

Witnesses recalled seeing Payne “punching” the man and repeatedly yelling at him to “get out of the car!” A scuffle ensued, and ended with Payne being  shot. 

According to witnesses, Payne, who was still on the phone with 911, told the dispatcher that Herring had shot himself with her gun. Another witness filmed the woman changing her shirt before officers arrived to the scene of the shooting.  

The defense argued that Payne was only acting as a “good Samaritan,” and painted Herring as the aggressor in the shooting. Prosecutors thought otherwise and said Payne had acted like a wannabe cop.

“She’s using deadly force; she wasn’t faced with deadly force,” District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson said at a hearing earlier this week. “You cannot claim self-defense and use deadly force unless you’re not the initial aggressor — she is.”

Herring’s widow, Christine Herring, even likened Payne to George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who gunned down Black Florida teen Trayvon Martin. She expressed disappointment with the judge’s decision Friday.

“She shouldn’t have got a bond, I know that,” she said. “Nobody else got a bond for the same thing.”

Watch more in the video below.

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‘You Fake Af’: Mimi Faust’s Beauty Post Derails After Fans Bring Up ‘LHHATL’ Drama With Karlie Redd and Pooh Hicks

It seems the drama from this week’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” is spilling into Mimi Faust‘s social media life.

Fans are blaming the reality actress for playing a role in “LHHATL” stars Karlie Redd and Pooh Hicks‘ heated altercation during Monday night’s explosive episode. People have been attacking Faust on her social media pages, calling her “messy af.”

The television personality took to her Instagram feed Tuesday evening and posted a photo of her new protective-style hairdo. She sported her hair in long Senegalese braids and rocked a semi-glam makeup look, including a smoky eye and nude lipstick. She wrote in her caption, “Would you rather do nothing and be wrong or do something and be wrong? 🤔.”

Mimi Faust
Mimi Faust is being slammed for being messy. @mimifaust/Instagram

A few fans complimented Faust on her beauty post.

“Simply beautiful❤️ u look great serve up that beauty🔥.”

“All I know is you fine AF in that white dress 🔥🔥 u don’t age one bit.”

However, other folks faulted the “Keep It Clean” owner for being a “messy” character on LHHATL.

“You messy & fake af your not a real friend because if you were a friend to karlie you world have put Pooh old ass in her place for trying to expose her @mimifaust ✌🏿🤷🏿‍♀️🖕🏿.”

“Birds 🦅 of a feather flock 2gether u ws wrng af for brngn pooh n karlee together. U da reason dey fought 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“You made me mad when you brought Pooh you know what was gone happen 😒 I thought you was better than that u messy as hell smh.”

Fans dragging Faust are referring to Redd and Hicks almost coming to blows during the “LHHATL” cast’s trip to Trindad & Tobago this season. She apparently invited Hicks on the getaway to make peace with archnemesis Redd in the wake of claiming the 45-year-old had previously had a threesome with her and her husband Hiriam Hicks.

Karlie Redd
Pooh Hicks (left) and Karlie Redd (right). (Screen grabs via VH1)

However, Faust’s attempt to bury the hatchet between her two cast mates ended up with supposedly defecated-on sheets being catapulted, wine glasses flying and fists almost being thrown.

Despite the backlash, the mother of one is getting, a gang of viewers and fans have swooped in to her defense, saying she was only trying to help quash Redd and Hicks’ ongoing beef.

“Y’all need to lay up on Mimi because she only trying to help 🙄 pooh and karlie are trash 🤨.”

“Y’all damn it’s TV!!! Would we watch if they didn’t turn up??? I love how Mimi tried to bring everyone together this season n stayed out the drama 💜.”

Check out Redd and Hicks’ explosive fight below:

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Jussie Smollett’s Story Legit? Newly Unsealed Investigation Filing Seemingly Supports His Claims of White Attacker

The Chicago Police Department on Thursday released previously sealed documents connected to Jussie Smollett’s alleged hate crime attack. In them, a telling set of witness accounts could support the actor’s claim that at least one of his supposed attackers was white.

Last week, a judge ruled for the criminal case to be unsealed. By Thursday, May 30, media had access to the more than 400-page, heavily redacted files.

Jussie Smollett attends the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s 60th Anniversary Opening Night Gala Benefit at New York City Center on Nov. 28, 2018, in New York. (Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Despite investigators saying Smollett was being dishonest, two witnesses in the docs say they spotted a white man outside Smollett’s apartment building that winter morning. One set of police notes states that an on-duty security guard working at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, which is across the street from the star’s residence, saw a white male around 6 feet tall wearing a face mask. The guard “could only see the skin area around the male’s eyes where the facemask had cutouts,” according to the notes, and “believed the male to be white, in his 20s.” He was wearing dark clothing, the report states, and the guard said another, stockier man showed up who was also wearing dark clothes. The notes state the guard could not make out that man’s race.

A second witness also stated she saw a white man. The notes say a woman went outside to walk her dogs at around 12:30 a.m.

“As she walked her dogs, she observed a person which she described as a male, white, mid 30s, wearing glasses, having reddish-brown hair and slight facial hair, average height and build wearing a blue and yellow stalking hat with a ball on top, a navy blue sweatshirt, blue jeans, gray and red socks, and brown laced shoes, which appeared wet to her,” the documents state.

The woman said the man was standing and smoking a cigarette and looked as if he were “waiting for something.” She said when she looked at him, he turned away. When he did, the witness said she could see what appeared to be a rope hanging out from his jacket.

Smollett made headlines earlier this year when he claimed two masked white men “viciously attacked” him in the early morning hours of January 29 as a polar vortex moved into the region and temperatures began dropping fast from 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The former “Empire” star claimed they poured an unknown chemical substance on him and shouted racial and homophobic slurs at him in the process. One, Smollett alleged, wrapped a noose around his neck. The men were also said to be wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and shouted “This is MAGA country, ” apparently in support of President Donald Trump.

Police were called to the scene after 2:30 a.m.

The incident led the CPD to open an investigation into an alleged hate crime. However, as more details emerged, a surveillance video was discovered of two Nigerian brothers, Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, buying supplies for the alleged attack. Sources told a CBS Chicago reporter Smollett told them what to purchase, including ski masks and red hats, which are the same color as the MAGA hats.

As the investigation continued through the spring, detectives eventually determined Smollett lied about the incident because he was upset about his pay on the now-canceled Fox series. The actor ultimately pleaded not guilty and by March, the charges were dropped.

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Parents of Bullied Bronx Teen Sue Education Department After They Say Months of Torment Led to Her Suicide

Parents of a late bullied Bronx teen have filed a lawsuit alleging the school failed to listen to her pleas of torment, and that contributed to her suicide in February 2018.

Ninth-grader Mya Vizcarrondo-Rios jumped 34 stories from her apartment to her death early last year. The death came after she was sexually assaulted that day following months of bullying. The honor roll student suffered through at least five months of torment leading up to being forced to perform oral sex in the school gym, according to the lawsuit obtained by the New York Daily News.

Mya Vizcarrondo-Rios
Mya Vizcarrondo-Rios. (Photo: GoFundMe)

The suit, which lists the city of the Bronx, the Education Department and school administrators as defendants, claims Mya was led to Harry S. Truman High School’s unsupervised gym on Feb. 28, 2018. It was there that she was made to perform oral sex on two boys, the filing alleges, and she was teased thereafter. Additionally, the suit says Mya endured months of bullying where she was physically assaulted, body shamed, called names and had her hair pulled.

The filing states the incidents were reported multiple times to school administrators. However, according to the paperwork, Principal Keri Alfano and a guidance counselor were knowledgeable about the bullying yet did not inform her parents about it. The counselor, who is not named, wrote a note to inform her parents that they should look out for signs of emotional distress, but no such warning came. This, the filing states, despite the parents meeting with the counselor concerning Mya’s mounting absences. Despite Mya reporting her bullying to school officials, the filing states, she was told to go back to class. No one informed her parents of the attacks and neither did Mya, her father, Heriberto Rios, told NYDN.

“I asked what was going on,” Rios said. “She said she was having trouble, but she didn’t tell me she was being bullied. She didn’t tell me about this. I found out after she passed. The school never told me about the cutting [classes].”

He was home when police showed up to his home at around 2 p.m. and said they’d found his daughter’s body — her backpack still on. Mya was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center and later pronounced dead.

“The tragic circumstances surrounding my client’s death could have been prevented,” the family’s attorney, John Scola, told the paper. “We hope that this case will cause the Department of Education to reevaluate their policies and properly train their employees on issues related to bullying so that no student feels so hopeless they believe suicide is the answer. We hope that this case will prevent helpless students from taking their own lives in the future.”

Meanwhile, the Education Department has dedicated $8 million toward initiatives to take aim at bullying.

“We recognize the deep impact bullying can have, and schools are required to immediately investigate and address any allegation,” said spokesman Doug Cohen. “We’ll continue to invest in anti-bullying and safe schools initiatives.”

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‘Can We Just Close the Toilet Seat?’: Tamar Braxton Fans Get Their Plates Ready for Singer’s ‘Bathroom Fried Chicken’

When Tamar Braxton wants to throw down a meal, she’ll do it by any means necessary — even if it means frying chicken in the bathroom.

The singer did just that Thursday when she wanted to whip up something in the kitchen but a power outage forced her to get creative.

“Hey, guys, I’m at Tamar’s house — well, one of her many houses –and I want y’all to know that she is making chicken … in the bathroom,” her older sister Toni Braxton says in the May 30 video.

“So? My outlet went out!” Tamar shouts from the kitchen.

“I want y’all to know that we’re having bathroom fried chicken,” Toni continues on as Tamar shouts that Toni will be digging in when it’s finished. “This is the powder room in her office condo. I want y’all to see that it is really a bathroom. … Bathroom chicken.”

“BFC anyone? (Bathroom Fried Chicken) Compliments of chef @tamarbraxton 👩🏽‍🍳,” Toni captioned the video.

In further defense of her chosen cooking space, Tamar commented once the chicken finished cooking, “But tell em how many pieces you had??? The electricity went out and u wasn’t about to mess my chicken up Sorry🤷🏽‍♀️”

tamar braxton

Fans, on the other hand, had a mixed response to the chosen cooking space.

“Seriously so many germs in the bathroom.”

“Yeah, I must agree. Cooking in the bathroom is ghetto and extremely nasty, to say the least. I don’t even keep my damn toothbrush in my bathroom. Too many nasty people.”

“No. Nope. Never. The toilet seat wasn’t even down!”

“Now that’s a real mamma. Making it work.”

“Can we just close the toilet seat😫? And I think, it’ll be all just fine. 🤣😂🤣😆 That Bathroom looks cleaner than alot of folks kitchens.”

“I learned in microbiology that the dirtiest place is your kitchen not bathroom. The whole class guessed the bathroom. Your kitchen carry more bacteria than your bathroom.”

Despite the bathroom shenanigans, there’s further evidence that Tamar knows how to make a meal in the kitchen, too. Last summer, the single mom cooked an entire spread full of soul food that would make most anyone’s mouth water.

Even though the entirety of Tamar’s family told her they’d come for dinner, they failed to show up. That left just Toni to enjoy the fixings. And Tamar was none too pleased.

“I went to the grocery store PERSONALLY for all this 😤Nasty ass 15.99 a PACK Bison, (like its a synthetic ponytail 😰)bbq pot roast, mac and cheese, string beans, mash potatoes, Alfredo shrimp, my famous rice, grandma’s yams, AND peach cobbler… all for NO ONE to show up🤬 mind you I’ve been working ALL day too!! I was at the gym at 6:30 a.m., AND took Beans to see @theincredibles (which was REALLY good btw)….This is my LAST time doing all this and no one comes!! My STUPID ass falls for it EVERYTIME!! WTH is wrong with my DESPERATE ass!🤦🏽‍♀️!! Maaaaaannnnnn….This is why I don’t….. nevermind ☹️ it don’t matter…” Tamar vented on Instagram in June 2018.

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“Next Duo of the NBA”: LeBron James and Dwyane Wade’s Sons To Play on Same High School Team

The sons of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade will follow in their footsteps by playing on the same basketball team next season. James and Wade played for the Miami Heat from 2010 to 2014, when they racked up back-to-back championships in 2012 and 2013.

And now, according to the Los Angeles Times, their sons Bronny James, 14, and Zaire Wade, 17, will be playing for Sierra Canyon high school in the Los Angeles suburb of Chatsworth, California.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James’ sons will both play for the high school Sierra Canyon in California. (From left) Dwyane Wade, Zaire Wade, Bryce James, LeBron James, Bronny James. (Photo: Cassy Athena / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images)

The school goes from kindergarten to 12th grade, and it has a high-profile elite-level basketball program. James’ 11-year-old son Bryce will be attending the school as well.

The James brothers transferred from Santa Monica Crossroads at the end of this past school year mainly for basketball reasons.

Bronny James will enter Sierra Canyon as a freshman and Wade — who transferred from a Florida school and already has scholarship offers from DePaul and Nebraska — will enroll as a senior. Both teens play the guard position.

Scottie Pippen‘s son Scottie Pippen Jr. played for the school as well and so did retired NBA player Kenyon Martin’s son KJ Martin. Will Smith‘s kids also attended Sierra Canyon.

On Thursday, Zaire Wade confirmed that he was pairing up with Bronny James in an Instagram post that showed both wearing Sierra Canyon jerseys.

“Hey LA,” he captioned the photo.

After news spread about both teens playing together, people expressed plenty of excitement and hoped they could see them in person one day.

“Next duo of the nba,” one person wrote.

“ESPN needs to televise every game until they graduate,” wrote another.

One person also predicted how things would go with the two young players teaming up.

“Zaire is a great playmaker who will probably run the PG spot because of his IQ and passing abilities,” that person wrote.

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Georgia Cop Who Initially Got Away with Brutally Beating Homeless Woman Now Faces Felony Charges, Thanks to Video Footage 

A Georgia cop initially cleared in the brutal assault of a Black homeless woman inside an Atlanta-area convenience store has been indicted on felony charges.

On Thursday, the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office announced charges against 29-year-old officer Phillip Larscheid, who was caught on video repeatedly striking Katie McCrary with his baton during a June 2017 incident. A grand jury voted to indict Larscheid on aggravated assault and violation of oath charges — both of which are felonies.

Phillip Larscheid
Katie McCrary suffered a laceration to her left shin and a welt on her forearm, according to the police report. (Image courtesy of YouTube).

Footage from the incident forced prosecutors to reopen the use–of–force case involving the DeKalb County officer and was then turned over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for review.

Prosecutors said Larscheid, 29, was responding to loitering and shoplifting complaint at a Chevron gas station in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur when the chaos unfolded. He encountered McCrary, who was standing near the door, and told her step outside so that he could talk with her. That’s when authorities said McCrary pushed the officer away and tried to leave.

The woman allegedly told Larscheid she was a federal agent and read off a fake badge number, to which the officer warned that she could be arrested for impersonating an officer. McCrary, 38, shot back and accused Larscheid of impersonating an officer before reaching for his badge.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

“Words were exchanged between the officer and McCrary, with McCrary subsequently assaulting the officer,” according to the police report. “She continued [to] aggressively resist the officer’s commands, resulting in the deployment of the officer’s baton.”

In video of the incident, Larscheid is seen hitting the homeless woman with his baton multiple times as he struggles to place her under arrest. He repeatedly orders McCray to “put your hands behind your back,” but she refuses, and at one point rolls on her back to deliver a few kicks to the officer.

“Get on your stomach!” the officer shouts before whaling on McCrary with the baton once again. Bystanders in the background are heard urging the woman to “stop resisting.”

McCrary eventually complies, but that didn’t stop Larscheid from striking her a few more times. The assault left McCrary with several contusions to her body and a laceration on her shin. She was even hit in the head.

An initial review on the incident found the officer’s use of force was “justified,” and he was cleared of wrongdoing. The investigation was relaunched, however, after clips of the commotion began circulating on social media.

After its review, the GBI turned over its findings to the DeKalb DA’s office.

“We determined that the case warranted proprietorial action and presented the case today to the grand jury for one count of aggravated assault and one count of violation of oath of office, both felony charges,” DeKalb district attorney Sherry Boston said.

Police charged McCray with obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers in the incident. Prosecutors said they are no longer pursuing charges against her.

A warrant has been issued for Larscheid’s arrest, Boston said, and the officer has until 5 p.m. Saturday to turn himself into police.

Lance LoRusso, a lawyer for Larscheid, said his client is currently “considering his options going forward.”

“He was Officer of the Year for 2014 for the entire Dekalb County Police Department and has received more than nineteen commendations during his eight years with the department,” LoRusso said in a statement provided to WSB-TV. “He certified with an ASP baton in the Dekalb Police Academy and seven times after that during annual training. He is understandably deeply concerned and taking these charges very seriously.”

The county confirmed Thursday that Larscheid is still employed by the Dekalb County Police Department and has remained on desk duty since July 2017.

Watch more in the video below.

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‘I Like Him Better Than Stevie’: Joseline Hernandez and Boo Doused With Compliments for Their Latest Photo

Joseline Hernandez and her boyfriend DJ Ballistics are lighting up the Internet with their spicy photos.

The couple have been dating for a while now and have seemingly been posting photos of each other nonstop. Hernandez, 32, uploaded a photo of herself and her beau at Miami’s Drip Wet Festival last week. Ballistics wrapped his arms around Hernandez’s shoulders as they posed for an intimate photo together.

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez and DJ Ballistics. @joseline/Instagram)

“#PuertoRicanPrincess so motherf–king @ri28challenge,” the former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star wrote in her caption.

Fans immediately ballyhooed Hernandez’s post, letting everyone know he’s an apparent upgrade from her ex.

“Y’all fine @joseline I like him way better than Stevie ❤️.”

“Ur man looks good girl go head sis!”

“Can you make one more baby y’all tooooo cute 😍!”

“I’m glad she upgraded from Stebie he a b–ch! Glad to see you happy 💞.”

Stevie J. appears to be the least of Hernandez’s worries, although reports from last week claimed he’s taking her to court again for another custody battle over their 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella.

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez and 2-year-old Bonnie Bella. (Photo: @joseline/Instagram)

Over the past few months, the 32-year-old mother claimed Stevie was absent from their daughter’s life and hasn’t seen the child in over a year. The “Hitman” producer, on the other hand, denied her accusations, suggesting that he’s tried visiting baby Bonnie but Hernandez won’t let him.

As for Hernandez and her boyfriend Ballistics, they publicly announced their relationship in April, with her writing in the caption, “He knows i love him.” She also seemingly referred to him as her daughter’s “stepdaddy,” posting a photo of him and Bella with the hashtag “daddysgirl.”

Some fans nevertheless seem to be on the fence about Hernandez’s new boo, claiming that his body language gives off possessive vibes.

“He seems like he’s possessive af! look at his arms around her neck, i don’t trust him 🤷.”

“Her man look crazy 😱😱I’m telling you, the man has a temper 🗣.”

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‘I Got You’: 50 Cent Says Rotimi Owes Him $300,000, Snoop Dogg Offers to Pay Off His Debt

Snoop Dogg is a fan of the crime drama “Power.” It’s easy to tell based on an offer he made to pay off Rotimi‘s supposed debt to 50 Cent, one of the executive producers on the show.

The “21 Questions” rapper posted a message to Rotimi on Monday and said he owed him $300,000. The Nigerian actor plays the character Andre Coleman on the series, and he always seemed to be friendly with 50.

Rotimi is also a singer, and his new project “Walk With Me” landed on the Billboard R&B charts, which he celebrated in a May 24th Instagram post.

But on Wednesday 50 doused water on that achievement when he wrote “🤨man f–k all that I want my money by Monday. Cash n—a where the bag at 💰.”

Then in another post 50 acknowledged the No. 1 album.

“I want to punch this n—a nose 👊🤨@Rotimi got the #1 RNB album time to pay me on gang,” he wrote.

He then followed that up with a few more posts and said Rotimi paid him but there’s still a remaining balance.

“So I feel like I got to address this,” Rotimi said afterwards. “Listen, bro, I don’t owe 50 money. The thing is, my record number one, I just bought a crib, I’m taking care of my family, so the fact I’m hearing this, why now? Why wait until ‘Walk With Me’ is number one on the R&B charts?”

Snoop, eyeing all of this from a distance, gave his two cents on Wednesday. In fact, he wanted to give more than two cents and offered to pay the entire $300,000 for Rotimi, just because he doesn’t want his “Power” character to die.

“50, I’ma pay you what Rotimi owe you, cuh,” said Snoop in his L.A. drawl. “Because I don’t want him to get killed on ‘Power.’ I think your going to kill him next, ‘cause he owe you money. Don’t kill him. I’ma pay him for you. How much he owe you, cuh? Let’s talk about it. Let’s figure it out. 50, don’t kill him. I’ll pay him for you. Rotimi, I got you, cuh. Nigeria, I have your back.”

50 caught wind of the video at some point, posted it and wrote “Damn ok, 😤n—a got @snoopdogg involved. 🤦‍♂️smh.”

He then posted a separate clip and let Rotimi know that he’s serious about wanting his cash.

But in a complete 180, the former Dr. Dre protégé posted an interview Rotimi had on TMZ and said there’s no beef.

Rotimi explained the $300,000 had to do with 50 letting him out of his music contract with G-Unit records. The actor and R&B crooner also said he paid 50 $100,000 since their disagreement began.

“I have no problem with @Rotimi,” 50 captioned the video. “In fact I wish him and his family the best God bless. POSITIVE VIBES.” 

Source: Black info

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