‘Huh?’: Joseline Hernandez Confuses Fans by Apparently Dating New Man With the Same Name as Stevie J.

Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez is allegedly dating a new man who goes by the name of DJ Stevie J, and her recent post with him has fans scratching their heads.

As many know, Hernandez was formerly engaged to music producer and “LHHATL” star Stevie J., who’s now married to R&B singer Faith Evans. Hernandez and the “Hit Man” have been broken up for quite some time now, so fans are confused as to why she’s seemingly alluding to him in a recent post.

The 31-year-old took to social media on Wednesday, Jan. 5, and shared a photo of herself and her new DJ boo hugged up at what appears to be Keyshia Ka’Oir’s lavish yacht party last week in Miami. DJ Stevie J wrapped his arm around Hernandez’s right shoulder as they posed for a picture together in matching black attire.

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez and DJ Stevie J. (Photo: @joseline)

“STEBBIE did you ever really ❤ me 😒 @whoissteviej,” Hernandez captioned the image. “Boats, B—hes, Blunts wild night 😍.”

Hernandez’s baffling post sent social media into overdrive as fans tried to figure out which Stevie J. she was alluding to in it.

“Wait who is she was talking about? The guy name is Stevie J. too? Kind of ironic huh lol,” one fan wrote.

“When yo new nigga & ya old nigga got the same name 😩😩😩😂 I’m so confusion,” another added.

“Chile dis tew much don’t do that I thought she meant Stevie J! But isnt it weird she got a man named like her BD…just funny lol. I love her though,” a third wrote.

One fan accused Hernandez of still obsessing over her ex-fiancé and told her to “move on.”

“Girl plz get over Steve J he got a whole WIFE🗣 stop obsessing and move on. Thirsty af sis,” a naysayer added.

Hernandez and music producer Stevie J. officially called their on-again-off-again relationship quits in 2016 just before the birth of their daughter Bella in December.

Joseline hernandez stevie j
Producer Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez attend the VH1 Big In 2015 with Entertainment Weekly awards at Pacific Design Center on Nov. 15, 2015, in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

In 2015, Hernandez announced Stevie J. proposed to her and that the two secretly wed without any friends or family. However, in 2016 both Hernandez and Stevie J. admitted to lying about being married. She stated in legal paternity documents that she and the producer were “involved in a long-term romantic relationship” and “engaged in sexual intercourse” but were never married.

The couple became engulfed in a nasty custody battle over their now-2-year-old daughter in 2017 but settled the case in April 2018. Hernandez was awarded primary physical custody over their daughter. The “Hit Man” was also ordered to pay Hernandez $1,000 a month for child support, which she claims he no longer does.

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Tommie Lee Seemingly Pokes Fun at Her New Ankle Monitor

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum Tommie Lee seems to be making light of criticism from fans who recently blasted her for having an ankle bracelet.

It’s unknown if whether or not the device strapped around Lee’s ankle was court-ordered or personally purchased, but fans expressed disappointment to see her sporting another one.

“Damn u got another ankle monitor it’s like ankle monitors are apart of her daily outfit,” one person wrote underneath her Instagram account.

However, the 34-year-old seemingly poked fun at disapproving fans by decorating her uninviting accessory with a designer case. She took to Instagram on Thursday morning and shared a selfie of herself sitting poolside. Her attire consisted of a white fur shawl, a Fashion Nova ice-blue bikini and transparent block-heel sandals.

Tommie Lee
photo courtesy@tommie

“Need somebody who don’t mind me rockin my Fur to the pool cause I don’t wanna look like the other girls 🤷🏾‍♀️#tommieshit#Extra#Extra frames,” she captioned the photo.

Lee was still wearing her ankle bracelet, but this time it was accessorized with a small blue Chanel case/pouch covering it. Fans cracked up at Lee’s playful approach to naysayers who blasted her being saddled with the device.

“My b—h got the designer ankle bracelet ❤ for mfers who had something negative to say,” one fan said. “My big sister.”

“Wait…not the Chanel bag on the Monitor 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I live!” another fan laughed.

“Shawty done Chanel case da ankle monitor mf😂😂,” a third added. “F–k the haters sis!”

It’s not clear if Lee’s ankle bracelet stems from her recent troubles with the law. She was indicted on three felonies and four criminal charges on Jan. 7 for allegedly assaulting her eldest daughter at an Atlanta-area and violating a court order by going to see her a few days later. She could face 54 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

Lee spent two months behind bars after being arrested and held without bail in October. She was released in December and seemingly addressed her child cruelty case by saying, “I’m Not A Perfect Person Nor Do I Pretend to Be!! Your Not Either You Just Know How To Hide. … Its An everyday struggle trying to keep my #Dreams from becoming #nightmares.”

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‘You’re Getting Fired!’ Florida McDonald’s Worker Loses Job After He’s Filmed Using N-word in Drive-Thru

An employee at a Florida McDonald’s has been terminated after he repeatedly hurled a racial slur at a customer.

Facebook user Ariana Edmonds said her cousin sent her a video of what he experienced. It begins halfway through the incident that occurred at the restaurant’s drive-thru in Spring Hill, Fla., last week. In it, a Black customer repeatedly states the worker, “Just called me a n—er! He called me a n—er! He called me a n—er!

“I don’t care,” the employee replies from behind the window. “I don’t give a f—.”

“I got you on camera! World Star!” the customer shouts as the worker appears to mock him from behind the glass. Next to the offending employee, another one, who is a woman, is on the phone with local law enforcement.

“You’re getting fired! You’re getting fired! You’re getting fired!” the customer shouts continuously. By this time, the manager — another woman — has shown up. All the workers are white.

“You have your car in my drive-thru, n—er! You wanna get f—ed up? I will f— you up you up you f—ing n—er!” the male employee yells back.

“You’re getting fired! You’re getting fired! You’re getting fired! You’re getting fired too ’cause you’re a manager! You’re supposed to handle this differently!”

Meanwhile, the worker continues to talk to the police on the phone. She says the anonymous customer “threatened to kill my manager” and “pulled my window open.”

As it turns out, only the male employee who hurled racial slurs at the man wound up losing his job.

A statement issued to The Washington Post Monday, Jan. 14, from the franchise’s owner confirmed as much. However, the other two employees in the video did not face any discipline.

“I am aware of the incident involving one of my employees earlier this week,” Javier Ilias said in a statement. “The disturbance with the customer prompted our management team to call the police right away; and we did an immediate investigation on this matter. This behavior goes against the values and standards that I expect from employees in my restaurants. This employee displayed improper and unacceptable conduct and is no longer with the company.”

The customer in the clip has not been identified according to The Post, but Ilias’ spokesperson said he was not charged with a crime.

This is the second racial incident in as many weeks at a McDonald’s in the Sunshine State. Daniel Taylor was arrested at a St. Petersburg earlier this month after he yanked a black employee named Yasmine James over the counter and kicked another before leaving the eatery. He was charged with two counts of simple battery as a result.

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‘Black Ink Crew’: Genesis Insinuates Reunion with Sky Days Was All ‘4 a Baggg’

As the drama continues to unfold during “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” the “Black Ink Crew” New York franchise is still in conversation.

VH1 star Sky Days appears to be back on the outs with her two sons Genesis and Dessalines after reconnecting with them during season 7.

Days’ eldest son, Genesis, reposted a photo he took with his mother and brother in August 2018. In his caption he implied that everything on reality television isn’t always what it seems.

Sky Days

“U see what happens on camera 🎥 .. but have no klue what goes on behind da’ scenes…🤭,” Genesis wrote on his Instagram account Thursday, Jan. 17, while turning off the comments.

Fans also seem to think that Days is no longer in contact with her children.

“So you dont like your birth mother, Sky?” one fan asked.

Another added, “Why we can’t comment on the pic u just posted. I hope you’re still in a good space with your mom👀😒.”

Days, 34, reunited with both of her sons two seasons ago after giving them up for adoption in her early teens. She established a solid bond with her youngest son, Des, who she kept in contact with after the season ended, but almost came to blows with her son Genesis on two different occasions.

Genesis expressed last season that he resented Days for going so long without calling them or wishing them a happy birthday.

“It’s like an emptiness,” Genesis told Des last season. “You just growing up as a kid you don’t know why you so mad [or why] you mad at the world for no reason.”

Although Genesis was disappointed in his mother’s actions, he met with Days, and the two hashed out their differences. The season ended with Days making amends with both of her sons and all three of them seemingly leaving on good terms.

However, it appears that Days’ heartwarming reunion with Genesis and Des may have been for show. On Dec. 29, Genesis alluded to only appearing on television for a check and seemingly implied that his reunion with Days wasn’t authentic.

A fan tagged Genesis and his brother Des in an Instagram post that asked, “@Dez_Raymond88 are you @g_heffner still in touch with your mom @flyytattedsky?”

Genesis responded, “Keep me outt dat sh*t. B*tch I only do datt sh*t 4 a baggg.”

Another user joined in the conversation by accusing the aspiring rapper of using his mother for fame. One fan defended Genesis by stating, “Using her?! She owes him a whole life time of sh*t. She used him by bringing him to the show!!!!!”

Genesis replied to the user defending him, “U smarter dan’ alotta dumb ass people.” He also added several clapping emojis when another user accused Days of using her sons for a storyline.

Days has yet to address the alleged falling-out with her sons.

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Kansas Man Makes Radical Life Change by Going from Convicted Felon to Mayor of Local Town

A former inmate has made the turnaround of a lifetime in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Jermaine Wilson has been appointed the mayor of the largest city in Leavenworth County, and his journey to being in charge is far from typical.

“Politics was never on my radar,” he told on 41 Action News on Jan. 8, the day he was sworn into office.

In 2007, then-19-year-old Wilson was convicted of a felony and spent three years in prison for possession of drugs. After serving three years at Lansing Correctional Facility, he continued to share his testimony.

“Once I got released, I continued to start serving my community. … I wanted individuals to know that you don’t have to choose this fast way of living,” he explains. “The moment that you start to build up people, you build up your community.”

After becoming a Christian while behind bars, he used his newfound freedom to spend time speaking at churches and talking to juveniles at detention facilities. He also gave inmates lessons on how to write résumés and fill out job applications and launched the Unity in the Community program, a nonprofit that targets local youth by providing mentoring, recreational events, and “unconditional love,” according to the website. It also aims to provide jobs, feed the homeless and forge a bond between police and the community.

Wilson, who was elected city commissioner in 2017 after his record was expunged, has several goals he wants to accomplish as the mayor. They include lowering crime, fixing issues that damage the community and bettering residents’ living conditions.

“You’ve seen a person come to the other side, who is making a difference, who learned from his mistakes, wants to give back, help the community, prevent crime, let people know that there is another way,” the mayor said. “And I want people to see my story and know that there is hope.”

Wilson has already had his first official meeting proceeding as mayor. Just a day after he was sworn in, on Wednesday, Jan. 9, he and Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson promoted the prosecutor’s plan to help qualified former inmates get their criminal records expunged, much like Wilson’s own in 2015, according to The Kansas City Star, giving others a chance to put their mistakes behind them just as he did.

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