Poorman Giving As Good As He Gets

Calvin Poorman has been doing his part in developing the community of Harmony Vale in St Ann.

As a party host and promoter, Poorman makes a profit from entertaining the public with four annual parties held in the Claremont and Harmony Vale communities. He was led to give back to his community after an encounter in a barber shop.

“I had a party, and one day I was at a barber shop talking about the party,” Poorman said. “A pastor who was in the shop asked how I was giving back to the society, and I had to think about it. From then, I have tried to help and do as much as possible.”

Poorman explained that he has been giving back to his community since 2013, starting with the Harmony Vale Basic School. “I purchased a stove for the basic school, and I also helped with their Christmas party that year,” Poorman said.

During that same year, he repainted the community’s welcome sign to make the surrounding more inviting. Poorman continued to contribute by painting the Harmony Vale Basic School in 2014 and assisted the Bensonton Primary School’s breakfast-feeding programme by donating utensils.

With the students’ safety in mind, Poorman also donated material to fix a railing at the Harmony Vale Basic School in 2015. He assisted in the years that followed, the most recent of which was an Easter treat at the St Ann’s Bay Infirmary in 2018.

Poorman Outstanding Student

While Poorman is proud of what he can do to help others, he is extremely proud of one student that he has been assisting since 2017.

“There is one little boy who I help with back-to-school supplies,” he said. “I met him one day when I went to do some business with his father, and this little boy was so ‘prime’ that I started to video him and had him repeat stuff, promoting one of my upcoming events, and the video went viral,” Poorman recalled laughing.

Many saw the video and contacted Poorman, jesting that he has to pay the young boy. Poorman considered how he could repay the boy and has since then found ways to assist his parents with back-to-school preparations.

Poorman has also proved that the saying, ‘what goes around comes around’, is true as he has also benefited from giving back.

“I see where from helping where I can, my brand has expanded and I am getting more support at my events, and I will continue to help who I can,” Poorman stated.

He started hosting parties seven years ago when he and a friend were talking in a restaurant.

“One day I was in a restaurant talking with a colleague and he was talking about parties and money, so I thought, since I know so many people, maybe I could do something like that,” Poorman said. “I used BBM (Blackberry Messenger) to send out a broadcast that I was having a party, and the response was great.”

That is how the foundation started and his first party, Eazzii Access, was born. With so many events making profit, Poorman makes it a duty to have a party in December in Harmony Vale just to show his appreciation for the support he gets throughout the year.

The businessman grew up in Harmony Vale and attended Claremont All-Age School, then went to Ferncourt High School, where he did the business subjects. He later pursued an associate degree in business and marketing at Moneague College.

Poorman told The Gleaner that his motivation to keep earning and helping comes from his two-year-old daughter, Cahlia.

By: Vanessa James

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Happy Birthday Charlie

You have always been a trend setter. Every time I’m introduced to someone, there is a story to be told about how Charlie impacted life. Your soul might be at rest but your legacy lives on. You have never been forgotten and I know it is one of the things you wished for.

Without fail, every year during the Christmas time, your “Old Folk” joke from ‘Perils of Charlie’ is sent around and ends up in my inbox, or on What’sApp at least 15 times. Does that mean that I have a small circle of friends that all share the same content? I think you and I know that is not the case. It’s because that monologue is set in stone as one of the best ever, period. You did that.. and so much more. Your mark on Jamaican society is what a friend would call, indelible. The greatest thing about being your son is, I get a to smile every time someone else tells me a story about you and them.

Leonie Forbes, Charles Hyatt I, and Fae Ellington

I’ll never forget meeting our partner in crime, Big Youth, one day and he grabbed me up and rough me up just to see if I could match up. Then he said, “You a joke man!!! You have no idea how important your father was to Jungle”. Then he patted me on my back and said, ‘Mi glad fi meet yuh. Come talk to me one day’. Then he walked away. One day, that talk will happen because I love hearing about you through your friends. How many Charles Hyatt’s were there?

There are so many of stories just like that one. The blessing though, is that I have my own. (insert big grin) Remember Poor Ting, General, Gertrude, Betsy, Clive, the scotch bonnet tree, when I almost lost my big toe but you introduced me to the real meaning of salt in a wound??? I have to laugh now. I can tell you one thing, you are missed. Rose and Linda talk about you almost every day to their friends and family. Auntie Leonie, Auntie Alma, Uncle Buddy and Auntie Cissy are all getting more beautiful every day. I’m sure Auntie Alma will be with us for at least another 45 years. she is such a gem. Oh, Aunt Fae is now the host of Profile. Good tings don’t??? She is doing such a great job. You will also be happy to know that Blakka still tells the story of that talent show. Also, Christopher “Johnny” Daley is carrying on the stand up tradition really serious. That man have it Dad… but you said that long ago.

Charles and Gertrude

Anyway, on this great day of celebration of your birth and the life you lived, I say ‘big up pon yuh earthstrong’. I pray your soul is resting in peace and if you are able to do all over again, do it!!

Peace and love Daddy!


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Jamaican entrepreneur creates Glamo app for US beauty industry

FLORIDA-based, Jamaican-born entreprenuer Rishielle Giscombe-Smith is aiming to tap into the United States billion-dollar beauty industry with her app, Glamo.

Rishielle Giscombe-Smith

“It is very diverse. There are two other apps like it, but the convenience of Glamo is what makes it so unique,” the 26-year-old told the Jamaica Observer.

According to the conceptualiser, the app has been well received since its launch in December 2018.

“Already it has attracted more than 500 users and over 2,000 stylists. It has been growing fast and has even been recognised in Silicon Valley. People really love it,” she said.

Giscombe-Smith attended Mona High in St Andrew before migrating to New York in 2011. Three years later, she began pursuing an architectural engineering degree at Broward College in Florida, but soon shelved the studies when she realised her true passion was in beauty and technology.

“I remember being in New York with my mom and you know the struggles that come with being an immigrant; it was basically starting life over. She had to take taxis when she wanted to get her hair done, she had to take the bus in cold weather. When she died I got a bigger sense of independence when I saw other old people struggling; people as old as 60 having to stand in buses and in the rain so I started to wonder how I can improvise, and that’s when I came up with the salon service idea,” she explained.

The app, which took a year to be completed, offers various options for users.

“If you’re a stylist, you put in your information then us at the human resource department run a background check to make sure they [the stylists] have their licence, and so on. Afterwards, clients within their area can make contact within 15 minutes. We have different categories which include barbering, hair and nails. Customers can also see costs for services and include the amount of people they want to make bookings for. There is also a built-in navigation system that customers can use to see the location of the stylists,” Giscombe-Smith said.

In 2017 global management consulting and market research firm Lucintel valued the US beauty industry at US$265 billion.

Since Giscombe-Smith has tapped into the business, she said that she has been reaping the rewards, and looks to double the US$30,000 she invested.

“Even though the app is new, and we know that it takes time to build up, I’ve seen where I have been benefiting. Next month I will be attending a beauty show and from that I will be making twice the amount I invested in the app,” she explained.

Glamo is currently available for Android and iPhone users in Florida, Atlanta, and California, the businesswoman has begun making plans to have a Jamaican launch by July of this year, before branching off into Europe in 2020.

She encourages other entrepreneurs to develop apps in their respective fields to heighten marketability.

“I would totally encourage other people to develop apps for things they like. As you know the technology industry is booming and it is a really good idea,” she added.

By: Kediesha Perry

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Government to Assist Kemoy Campbell

The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, says the “government will be there for Kemoy Campbell,” the Jamaican runner who collapsed during competition in the United States on the weekend.

Campbell has been hospitalised since the incident on Saturday.

Minister Grange says she has reached out to the athlete’s family and management and has been “making arrangements to assist with Kemoy’s care.”

Minister Grange notes that Kemoy Campbell is registered with the Jamaica Athletes Insurance Programme and is able to access benefits under the scheme. In addition, the Minister has mandated the Sports Development Foundation to be ready to assist with his immediate needs.

“We continue to pray for Kemoy’s recovery and assure him and his family that Jamaica will be there for them during this time. We have been in discussions about what he requires now and we are committed to doing what is necessary to see that he gets the best care and achieves a full recovery,” said Minister Grange.

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Tourism Training Making Impact

The most important and fulfilling thing has to be empowering people. Whenever you witness that ‘light turn on’, it makes your heart feel good. The smile on the faces of an empowered person is priceless. Imagine walking into the Denham Town Community Centre, in the Restorative Justice office, and seeing our Jamaican culture being taught. The students were persons who desire the skills needed to take advantage of potential in the tourism industry.

Gerreh/Dinki Mini, Kumina, Quadrill, Brukins, Reggae, Ska, Mento and Dancehall, all being explained, demonstrated and loved. The students are as active and involved as the instructor herself. No question asked by the teacher is met with silence. Each student is eager to give their knowledge and feedback. This is, even if it means correcting the instructor on types of dances associated with the 80’s. The vibe was not the typical classroom setting but more like a ‘reasoning’ session where everyone was learning something new.

The instructor, Atthiea Wray states that this cultural class is her favorite. She went on to explain that it teaches the participants about their history. It also teaches, who and what allowed the participants to be where they are now.

Managing Director of the Premier Tourism Training Institute, Mr. Christopher Williams, is quite pleased with the way the program is being received by the students. The news spread like wild fire to the entire community after the fist iteration of the training. Now, he always gets requests for available space. On top of that, the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), which funds the project, is also pleased with the tangible impact.

Premiere Tourism Training Institute has been able to create an extensive schedule to bring this type of training to many other communities across the island.


Impact on Tourism Students

Since the saying is ‘the proof is in the pudding’. Good News Jamaica interviewed some of the students to get their feedback on how the training has impacted their lives. David Green Sword is no newbie in the tourism industry but was excited with the possibilities the course was introducing.

Sean Smith has always had big dreams for Denham Town’s viability with tourism. He conveyed his excitement about the exposure when Good News Jamaica caught up with him. Likewise, his desire has now become tangible. Where there was an idea before, a newly ignited flame burns with purpose and a yearning to know more.

In seeing how much these gentlemen were impacted by the course, they were asked where they would want to migrate to when they get a chance. The answers they gave were real, and also welcoming. Both men did not want to leave Jamaica. David stated, “I don’t think that I would want to migrate from the country. I would rather go visit places to get the experience and some sights like that but I must come back”. Sean added, “Like the song says, ‘Jamaica nice’ so why would you want to leave niceness?”


Good News Jamaica interviewed one female who was nervous until we spoke about the things she loved from the course. Tonisheree Robertson came to the course at first because she wanted to be placed in a job at the end. Going through the course has opened her up to many other prospects.

Mr. Christopher Williams also expressed that “the expected end result of this program is total quality improvement both in the community, the workforce and physical environment.  This will ultimately result in increased levels of skills, greater self-empowerment and assertiveness, improved marketability, higher self-esteem, greater job satisfaction and a higher level of motivation among trainees leading to improved patriotism.” All of these expected outcomes were already witnessed in the short time Good News Jamaica spent with the programme.

Good News Jamaica was introduced to this programme by the communities Peace Management Initiative representative Mr. Deon Green. Thank you Mr. Green for making sure we learned about this powerfully positive initiative that is consistently improving lives.


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8.6% increase in tourism revenue for 2018

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett says Jamaica saw an 8.6 per cent increase in tourism revenue in 2018.

He told a news conference, held at the Ministry’s New Kingston office yesterday that, the preliminary figures from the Jamaica Tourist Board on the performance of the industry, has shown a new record for the industry, in terms of arrivals and spend.

“At the end of December 2018 Jamaica had 4.31 million visitors, which represents the second year in a row that the county has had over 4.3 million visitors in a single year. But, the earnings is the area of greatest performance for us in 2018 because we had an 8.6 per cent in earnings from three billion in 2017 to 3.3 billion in 2018,” said the minister.

He further outlined that: “This means that Jamaica had 40 years of tourism earnings to make its first billion, which came about in 1995. The second billion was earned in 2010 and the third came in 2017. This year we are 300 million in pursuance of the next billion. This means that we are in line with the projections made to earn 5 billion dollars from tourism within the period that we’ve indicated.”

The minister also highlighted that the increase in earnings has had a great impact on the local economy, primarily to the small and medium tourism enterprises.

“Tourism is growing at a phenomenal rate but because the retention of the dollar is hovering at 30 per cent we can say that there is more than US $1 billion in circulation across Jamaica coming directly from tourism. The impact of this is seen in the growth of the small and medium enterprises, who are more involved in the industry than ever before. The dollar is being retained because more and more of our people are supplying against the demands of the industry,” he said.


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Prime Minister Visits Five-Year-Old Letter Writer

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, on January 8, took time out to visit a five-year-old child, Makai McLawrence, who sent him a letter during the festive season with a request for him to visit his school, Small Treasures Child Care in St. Andrew.

The Prime Minister posted a copy of the letter on his social media pages, which said: “Dear Most Honourable Andrew Holness. My name is Makai McLawrence. I am five years old. I attend Small Treasures Child Care, which is close to Jamaica House. I am inviting you to visit my school, to meet with the K3 students. We learnt about Jamaica’s motto, anthem, national heroes and you, our Prime Minister. We need a photograph of you”.

The PM said it is important for our children to understand the structure of the Government, to understand civic affairs, and to be able to express themselves.


Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness (centre), hands a gift to five-year-old Makai McLawrence (right), who wrote a letter to inviting the Prime Minister to visit the school.. At left is Isaac Whyte, who also received a gift from the Prime Minister. The handover took place at Small Treasures Child Care in St. Andrew on Tuesday (January 8).

He also made reference to a letter from another child, Layla, sent to him by her mother during the festive season, which read: “Dear Santa. For Christmas and the New Year 2019, I would like there to be less crime in Jamaica and no more children going missing and also no more fires in Children’s Home. Next year, my brother will be taking PEP and he has been working very hard. I would like him to have a very relaxing Christmas and all his Christmas wishes come true.”

“What she asked for was not what a typical child would ask Santa Claus. She was asking for peace. I found that to be very, very touching,” Mr. Holness said.

After the Prime Minister’s comment, he visited Makai’s classroom and gave him the gift of a book.

Beaming with happiness, Makai and his classmates hugged and thanked the Prime Minister for taking the time to visit them.

“Thank you for responding and taking the time to visit us. We’re excited to have you. Thank you for coming,” Makai said.

By: Ainsworth Morris

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Morgan Heritage thrills Kenyan fans at New Year’s eve celebrations – as part of Africa Jamaica Tour

After stopping performances in Zimbabwe on December 21, in Zambia on December 24, in Ghana on 28th Dec, Morgan Heritage,the Grammy-winning siblings and Royal Family of Reggae have arrived in Kenya, as part of their announced 2019 “Africa Jamaica Tour” (#AJT2018) that will also see them perform in Ghana, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe with more dates to be added (see flyer below).

Mojo Morgan spoke about the tour saying, This Africa x Jamaica tour is the beginning of something great for us as a group and a family of African decent. For years our fans in Africa has been asking us to perform more because they only get to see us on video. So as we prepare to release our new album we will give them what they want as the great Burning Spear would say.” 

Morgan Heritage were among headliners at Kenya’s Wasafi Festival held at Uhuru Garden on New Year’s Eve, where they put up a massive performance, serenading to their Kenyan fans some of their beloved Morgan Heritage tunes like “Nothing to smile about”, “Down by the River” and “I’m coming home”.

They also performed their latest successful hit single “Africa X Jamaica” alongside Diamond Platnumz who is featured on the song.

They later joined Diamond Platnumz on stage, during his set, and together they once again blessed the crowd with one of Africa’s biggest songs from 2017—their mega hit “Hallelujah”.

It was the first time in Kenya and Africa for Morgan Heritage and Diamond to perform together.

Comprising of Mojo, Gramps and Peetah, the group led the enchanted audience in near-choir sessions, as thousands of revelers sung along to all their songs word for word.

Towards the end of their performance, in a hilarious twist of events, Peter Morgan engaged the crowd in recording a message declaring Kenya’s mangoes as the sweetest.

While in Kenya, which has been their base many times while they visit Africa, Morgan Heritage will be meeting with various African artists and recording new collaborations, set for release in 2019.

#AJT2018 Tour is part of Morgan Heritage’s mission to unite sounds from Africa and the Caribbean through powerful music and cultural crossings.

“Africa Jamaica” is the lead single off Morgan Heritage’s upcoming album set for release in 2019.

By: Elorm Beenie

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Waterhouse FC, Phoenix Academy executives donate $750,000 to JCS

On Sunday, December 30, last year hundreds of fans packed into the Waterhouse Stadium for the charity game between Premier league leaders Waterhouse FC and Phoenix Academy All Stars.

The Premier League leaders won the game as both teams treated the fans to some good football. The true purpose of the game, however, was to generate donations for the Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS) to assist children living with cancer.

The effort generated $750,000 from six key donors – Tankweld Metals, Bruce Bicknell, Donovan White, Craig Butler, Leon Bailey, and Kyle Butler.

In a presentation to Yulit Gordon – CEO, Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS), at their Red Stripe Monday Night Football game on January 7, Bruce Bicknell and Craig Butler handed over the cheque for the sum raised and committed to continue to work with the JCS.

“Cancer has affected somebody we know and it feels good to be able to make a contribution to the Jamaica Cancer Society to help them to do more in helping those suffering from the disease” Bicknell said.

The Phoenix Academy and St Andrews FC (Malta) president, Craig Butler, said they are committed to helping the children.

“Cancer is not a death sentence for those who can afford to get proper treatment. I live with cancer and it is painful and heart breaking for an adult much less a child. This initiative came through the experience it has brought on my own family, my uncle died two years ago, and my wife’s second child Tamya died at nine years old, and I now face it daily. My sons and the academy came up with the idea to give back to children suffering with cancer and dedicated our winter camp and what was to be this friendly game proceeds to children fighting cancer and enlisted the Waterhouse team to join us in the initiative.

Feel privileged

“We trust that the Jamaica Cancer Society will dedicate these funds to help children in need and facing the disease,” Butler continued.

During the last year, Waterhouse FC celebrated 50 years since the club was founded in 1968 and had dedicated the charity game played on December 30 to their fans after what was a solid year of achievements.

“We have had so much to be thankful for over the years, making this donation to the Jamaica Cancer Society is a blessing that we feel privileged to be able to make happen and we are committed to finding new and different ways to work with the JCS going forward, to the benefit of the Waterhouse community,” remarked Donovan White, president of Waterhouse FC.

JCS’ Gordon, in thanking Waterhouse FC and Phoenix Academy, said the funds would be used by the society to increase its capacity to expand and strengthen its cancer prevention programmes among Jamaican youth.

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Jamaica College Old Boys Association of Florida establish Scholarships for JC students

The Jamaica College Old Boys Association of Florida (“JCOBAFL “) has established 11 annual Scholarships for Academically gifted and socio-economically disadvantaged students attending their Alma mater, Jamaica College.

The Scholarships are awarded at the JCOBAFL Griffin Awards Breakfast in the name of Alumni who have excelled in each respective discipline.

The awards are focused on currently matriculated students who aspire to careers in the disciplines for whom they are named. The recognized disciplines include, inter alia, Journalism, theatre, medicine, law, business, and engineering. Accompanying the awards is a monetized disbursement aimed at defraying the attendant costs associated with pursuing the respective delineated discipline. Each Scholarship would be in an approximate amount of J$40,368.

Fifth anniversary

The annual Griffin Award Scholarship Breakfast is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The next Jamaica College Old Boys Association of Florida Annual Griffin Awards Breakfast will be on February 9th, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at Woodlands Country Club 4600 Woodlands Boulevard, Tamarac, FL 33319.

Entertainment at the event will include internationally acclaimed saxophonist Mark Bunney, Jamaican Tenor extraordinaire Steve Higgins, and multi-talented percussionist Cornell Burton will be a Special Guest at the event.

The awardees will be announced at the breakfast.

The following are the scholarships for 2019:

  • Dr. Jason Scott Hamilton Engineering/ Robotics Scholarship 2019
  • Dr. Donald Dixon Science/Medical Scholarship 2019
  • Dr. Paul Kahn Science/Medical Scholarship 2019
  • Louis Hoyes Law/Humanities Scholarship 2019
  • Karl Marshall Business/Accounting Scholarship 2019
  • Danny Williams Business/Accounting Scholarship 2019
  • Steve Epstein Business/Accounting Scholarship 2019
  • Hugh Osborne Business/Accounting Scholarship 2019
  • Basil Bernard Business/Accounting Scholarship 2019
  • Ricklann McCalla Journalism/Education/Theatre & Visual Arts Scholarship 2019
  • Franz Hall Journalism/Education/Theatre & Visual Arts Scholarship 2019

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