Health Ministry to investigate salt consumption in Jamaica

The Ministry of Health and Wellness is shortly to begin a study on the Salt Consumption Practices of Jamaicans.

The study, which is to be conducted in partnership with the Caribbean Institute for Health Research at the University of the West Indies and cost an estimated $13.5 million, is intended to provide contextual information for the implementation of a National Salt Reduction Programme to reduce blood pressure and associated cardiovascular disease.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton made the revelation at the June 3 (2019) opening ceremony of the regional stakeholders’ workshop on strategies to reduce salt consumption for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the Caribbean.

TUFTON… to say that Jamaica has a significant high blood pressure problem is no understatement, and even more alarming is that we are not alone

“The project, which, among other things, is to capture baseline data on salt consumption as well as salt content in packaged and restaurant foods, is also in alignment with the Ministry’s National Strategic and Action Plan for Prevention and Control of NCDs, and the mandate of our Food Industry Task Force,” the Minister noted.

His announcement comes against the background of concerning statistics for hypertension (high blood pressure) among Jamaicans. Quoting from the Jamaica Health and Lifestyle Survey for 2016/2017, Tufton told his audience at the UWI Regional Headquarters in Kingston that:

  • 1 in 3 Jamaicans are hypertensive – 35.8% women and 31.7% men, according to the Jamaica Health and Lifestyle Survey for 2016/17;
  • Four out of every 10 Jamaicans with hypertension are unaware of their status – 60% men and 26% women; and
  • More and more Jamaicans aged 15 to 74 years old are developing hypertension. In 2017, 31.5% of persons in this age group had high blood pressure compared to 20.9% in 2001.

“To say that Jamaica has a significant high blood pressure problem is no understatement, and even more alarming is that we are not alone. High blood pressure in our people is a Caribbean-wide problem; and it is one that threatens to become even more of a challenge, unless we address the risk factors, including our high salt intake,” he said.

The World Health Organisation recommends a daily intake of salt (which is 40% sodium and 60% chloride) of less than 5 grams (or 5,000 mg) or some 2 grams (or 2,000 mg) per day of sodium. This helps to reduce blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Participants at the recent regional workshop on the reduction of salt consumption in the Caribbean, held at the University of the West Indies Regional Headquarters in Kingston.

Still data from the region shows that consumption has been exceeding that recommendation. The 2011 Barbados Salt Intake Study, for example, reveals that:

  • Men 27-50 years old have a mean daily sodium intake of 4,313 mg while men aged 51-73 years have a mean sodium intake of 2,653 mg; and
  • Women aged 25-50 years have a mean sodium intake of 2,897 mg and those 51-73 years old, 2,126 mg.

In addition to the study, Tufton said a number of other initiatives are coming to help to counter the salt problem in Jamaica. They include the development of National School Nutrition Standards to support the implementation of the nutrition-related aspects of the National School Nutrition Policy that is to go to Cabinet for approval.

“Over the long term, they are intended to reduce obesity rates in the school-aged population, aided in part by a strategy to increase the use of locally produced goods, and minimise the amount of processed food in meals and snacks offered by schools,” Tufton said.

This is important given that current high levels of salt intake is not only due to adding salt at the table. Referencing the 2009 PAHO/WHO policy statement, the Minister indicated that “in most populations, by far the largest amount of dietary salt comes from ready-made meals and pre-prepared foods, including bread, processed meats, and even breakfast cereals”.

It is against this background that he also urged a collaborative response to treating with salt consumption, particularly with increasing blood pressure as “the leading risk factor for death globally and the second leading risk for disability by causing heart disease, stroke and kidney failure”.


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Tivoli Gardens residents set on fire

During the week that the Most Honorable Edward Philip George Seaga transitioned to the resort in the heavens, Tivoli Gardens was just giving birth to what could be the biggest boost to the local economy.  Coached by the people over at Team Jamaica, the ‘passionate patriots’, as we like to call them, showed up and meant business.  

Christopher Williams Managing Director of Premier Tourism Training Institute and also a Team Jamaica member, met with Good News Jamaica to discuss the Tourism Enhancement Fund’s programme which started in Denham Town and has now begun in Tivoli Gardens.  

Christopher Williams of Team Jamaica

Mr. Williams went further to explain the impact that the Team Jamaica project has had on the communities it has served.  He stated that the byproduct of training had fostered great results of employment or further education possibilities. Employment or continued education are the byproducts of the inaugural staging of this Team Jamaica Programme. Mr. Williams was very excited to report that the feedback has been entirely positive both from the students of the programme and from potential students.  

The current cohort gave positive feedback about the programme.  When we caught up with Kaye-Ann Green, she had already started thinking about how she could utilize the knowledge she gained from the programme.  She plans to open an AirBed and Breakfast (ABnB) in West Kingston to make use of her personality and a friend’s empty house in the area. The thought of having the first project after the prgramme, left Kaye-Ann excited.

Kaye-Ann Green is animated before wowing the class with her presentation on teamwork.

The enthusiasm for the course was not just felt by Kaye-Ann. We spoke to many of the other students and the sentiments were just about the same. The programme is waking up the hidden pride each student feels about Jamaica. Finally, there is a programme that explains certain Jamaican origins by digging into history and bringing forth Jamaican truth. This formula is not wasted.

When Good News Jamaica visited the classroom on Monday, we were treated to presentations by the students. As much as Tivoli is known for its creative expressions, we were pleased with what each student brought. Whether in rhyme, lecture, or question and answer form, the students were filled with the two things that make presentations great; passion and knowledge.

One such student was Akeeva Miller, a practicing chef who just happened onto the course and, based on his experience, has recommended it to at least 5 of his colleagues. Listen to how he explains his time in the programme and what’s next.

Akeeva Miller showing his excitement about the programme

Monique Gordon is a tertiary student at the University of the West Indies. She lives in neighboring Denham Town but decided that this programme was not going to pass her by. Perusing a degree through the Caribbean Media and Communications, Monique wants to augment the information she recieved from her formal schooling with her new found knowledge. She is already expressing how empowered she feels.

Monique Gordan poses for a picture after an exciting interview about her plans after the programme

Good News Jamaica took the time to address the students to let them all know how happy Jamaica should be with what they have produced and who each student is. The representation of patriotism in the room was very evident. Coupled with the passion to learn, work, and represent our country, this Tivoli cohort is on fire and ready to fill the gap caused by the so called ‘brain drain’. This group of students represent the Jamaicans who would much rather remain in Jamaica in order to give back to the land of their birth.

As far as accolades goes, it’s best that Mr. Williams give those.

Fray McDonald helping a colleague present


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Debra Lee Appointed Director of Sales Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) has appointed Debra Lee as Director of Sales for the Southeast, Southwest, West and Caribbean markets.

William D. Talbert III, CDME, GMCVBpresident and CEO announced the news and welcomes Lee to the position after a strong tenure of 20 years in sales, marketing and public relations with a specific concentration in the Caribbean and Latin American markets.

“We are excited to welcome Debra to the GMCVB where she will assist in taking the Miami and the Beaches brand to the next level through her knowledge and expertise of the marketplace,” says Talbert. “We have no doubt that Debra will become a key player in the southern markets and that she will help illustrate the destination through her relationships, interactive events and exposure in press.”

Lee has forged a career in the travel industry, working with key travel companies such as American Airlines, AA Vacations and Travelport.

Most recently, she served as the Business Development Officer for the Jamaica Tourist Board. Within her role at the GMCVB, Lee will play a crucial part in further developing relationships with travel advisors in top feeder markets within the U.S. and Caribbean territories.

“I am eager to join the stellar team at the GMCVB and to share the vibrant, inspiring and unique culture of the destination with the rest of the world,” said Debra. “Miami and the Beaches have always held a special place in my heart and it has been a career goal of mine to work with the destination, spotlighting all the experiences and offerings that make it so special.”

Lee holds a degree from the University of Miami in Communications with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing and hails from the sunny island of Jamaica.

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Jamaican Doctor Finds a Treatment for Keloid Skin

A Jamaican dermatologist, Dr. Patricia Yap, was invited to Beijing to present her research at the Third International Keloid Symposium.

The forum sought to provide an opportunity for scientists and medical doctors from across the world, to openly discuss the most current research on the clinical management of keloid disorder.

The goal of the forum was to begin the establishment of data-driven & evidence based clinical management guidelines.

The symposium was organized by the American based Keloid Research Foundation, founded by Dr. Michael Tirgan.

During the three-day symposium, Dr. Yap presented her paper titled, “Re-Thinking the Medical Management of Keloids: Reflections and Experiences from a Busy Urban Clinical Practice in Kingston, Jamaica.”

During her presentation, Dr. Yap described a new, groundbreaking treatment that she had developed at her practice in Jamaica. She created a unique delivery system that allowed the introduction of the steroid into the dermis/skin topically.

To date, keloid treatment typically involves painful and uncomfortable intralesional steroid injections. Each and every keloid has to be injected and the volume of Triamcinolone Acetonide (TA) solution could result in systemic side effects.

Other treatments target keloid disorder as a tumor, and as such, the treatment modalities include surgery, radiation therapy, cryotherapy and chemotherapy as single and/or multiple modality treatments.

Dr. Yap proposed the following as a new definition for the keloid disorder: “Keloid is a chronic relapsing inflammatory disorder involving the proliferation of the fibroblast and the production of extracellular matrix (ECM), resulting in a mass in the dermis.”  As such she has been treating keloid as an inflammatory condition (eczema or psoriasis) as opposed to a tumor.

Since the early 2000s, Dr. Yap has been using her topical formulation to treat the Keloid disorder in her patients that is non-invasive, effective and affordable.

Her topical keloid formula seeks to empower patients by allowing them to take control of the disorder at an early stage while addressing the issue of reoccurrence.

Domestically and internationally, Dr. Yap’s formula strives to reduce the overall healthcare burden on private and public healthcare centers through the prevention of keloid disorders rather than merely treatment.

Education and Early Beginnings

Dr. Yap received her undergraduate degree with honors in Pure and Applied Chemistry and her Medical Degree from the University of the West Indies. She completed her advanced studies in Dermatology with Distinction at the prestigious University of London – St. John’s Institute of Dermatology.

After returning to Jamaica in 1993, Dr. Yap established a successful private practice, treating acne as well as addressing a multitude of skin concerns, such as, keloid scarring, seborrheic dermatitis, abnormal pigmentation and hair loss.

Dr. Yap and her sister, Felice Campbell, CEO of ariSkinCare enjoy the sights in Beijing after the Third International Keloid Symposium, held recently in Beijing, China.

She is also Chief Executive Officer of Apex Healthcare Associates, the largest medical center in Jamaica.

The treatment of a variety of skin disorders has become a lifelong passion and pursuit for Dr. Yap.

Alongside her sister, Felice Campbell, Dr. Yap co-founded ariSkinCare, a skin care product development company focusing on over-the-counter solutions for common skin conditions in black and brown skin.

One Belt, One Road Strengthens China-Jamaica Ties

China and Jamaica have remained committed development partners since diplomatic ties were first established in 1972. Jamaica signed the One Belt, One Road Initiative (BRI) with China less than a month ago on April 11th, 2019.

The BRI program seeks to strengthen the international ties between China, Jamaica and a plethora of countries that have already signed on.

Several other Caribbean and Latin American countries have also engaged in this initiative including: Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Guyana, the Dominican Republic. Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama and several others.

It is widely known that China has been very supportive to the Caribbean and the Latin American region, through accumulated loans amounting to over US$140 billion from the China Development Bank and China Eximbank between 2005 and 2018.

Jamaica’s Ambassador to China, His Excellency Antonia Hugh, remarked that the:

“Belt and Road Cooperation: Shaping a Brighter Shared Future” (BRI), has put forward a new interpretation of world peace and development. Along with the entry into the Belt & Road cooperation, Jamaica looks forward to closer ties between the two nations. Both countries hope to strengthen policy coordination and substantive cooperation using the principles of consultation, contribution and shared benefitsWith these goals in mind, China and Jamaica seek to finalize policy communications, utilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration, and more people-to-people exchanges. It is our great hope that we can bring the passionate Jamaican culture and the profound Chinese culture together for more brilliant chapters in the future”.

China and Jamaica Partner for Healthcare

Through its “Bright Journey Eye Care Mission” the Chinese government financed cataract surgeries for over 500 Jamaicans. A Chinese team of five ophthalmologists, three nurses, two engineers, and one technician were on hand in Jamaica to perform the surgeries.

Chinese Ambassador to Jamaica, Tian Qi, is reported to have expressed his sincere pleasure in his government’s kind assistance:

“The Bright Journey Eye Care Mission is a gift of goodwill from the People and Government of China to the people and Government of Jamaica. It will not only brighten the Jamaican patients’ eyesight, but also make the China-Jamaica partnership for common development even brighter,” he noted.

Jamaica hopes to continue to further fortify its relationship with China especially as it relates to medicine and healthcare.

With this in mind, Dr. Yap and Felice Campbell have launched the Jamaica Keloid Research Foundation (JKRF) with a view to exchanging expertise in the treatment of keloid disorder. Manny Chinese doctors have pioneered surgery techniques which reduces the occurrence of keloid.

With a population of over 1.5 billion, over 10% of the Chinese populace suffer from keloid disorder.

Dr. Yap hopes that her keloid treatment will soon be readily available on the Chinese market. She is working alongside the necessary authorities, including the Jamaican Ambassador to China, His Excellency Antonia Hugh, to make this dream a reality.

Felice Campbell and Dr Yap successfully lobbied for the Fourth International Keloid Symposium to be held next year in Montego BayJamaica, with over 100 physicians and scientists slated to attend.

Similar to the hospitable welcome she received in Beijing, Dr. Yap is looking forward to extending a warm Jamaican welcome to her Chinese colleagues and other international experts whom she recently met.

Chinese nationals should have no problem traveling to Jamaica, as no visa is required for the first 30 days.

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Our Sons – A Fun, Interactive Session For Teen Boys

B3 Parenting will on Saturday, June 15, launch the second installment of Our Sons – a fun and interactive session for teen boys. As part of its mandate to mould, nurture and positively shape the lives of boys from a wide cross section of socio-economic backgrounds, the team will again embark on a mission to connect in the most relatable and impactful way with boys aged 13-19 years. The event, which remains free to registered attendees, will feature motivational guidance, six-a-side football, giveaways, refreshments and entertainment.

“Last year, there was overwhelming support, and this year, we want to increase that momentum. We have improved the programme to be able to better connect with the boys. This year, our theme is ‘Believe the Ball’ as we seek to reach our boys through football. Sports, football especially, is a very effective and fun way to impart life lessons, and that is our goal this year. With a ball, any outcome is possible, and surprises can occur in sports, just like in real life. But chances for success increase when we plan, prepare and practice,” shared Michelle Gordon, event curator and parenting Consultant, as she explained the purpose behind the event.

Slated for Ballaz Liberty Park in Kingston, the event, set to run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., will feature inspirational video messages from international mid-fielder Raheem Sterling, multi-Olympic 100m world champion Yohan Blake, world champion and world record holder Usain Bolt, and YouTube sensation Young don, the Sauce God. Andre Virtue, director of the Ballaz Football Academy, and Sean Williams, international sports leadership trainer, have been identified as motivational speakers for the event.


“This event is for our sons, about our sons. There is a need globally, and certainly here in Jamaica, for significant attention to be given to young boys as they navigate arguably the most difficult years of their lives. In order to ensure they are engaged positively and experience positive role models, events like these are necessary. We have engaged Sean Williams and Andre Virtue as our motivational speakers for the day and are confident this will provide a well-rounded experience,” continued Gordon.

Registration is now open via and will remain so until June 12, 2019.

To register, go to

Sagicor, the Office of the Children’s Advocate, Creative Media and Events, Phase 3, Ballaz Academy and Aldor Candies, are sponsors of Our Sons 2019.

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From reggae to riches: Levi Roots story to be made into movie

He found fame and fortune after appearing on the small screen and securing an investment for his Reggae Reggae sauce on Dragons’ Den, but now Levi Roots has inspired leading British film-makers to tell his extraordinary story on the big screen.

Meg Leonard and Nick Moorcroft, writer-producers of some of the UK’s most successful independent films, are planning a film for cinematic release to tell Roots’ story: how he went from a child in Jamaica who was too poor to buy shoes and could not read and write when he emigrated to Britain aged 11, was later sentenced to nine years in prison for drugs offences, to turning his life around, and building a Caribbean food and drink empire worth £35m following his appearance on Dragons’ Den.

Moorcroft said it would be a “life-affirming tale of hopes, dreams and second-chances, all set to an uplifting reggae soundtrack and bathed in Caribbean sunshine”. It will be filmed next spring in Jamaica, as well as Britain, particularly around Roots’ home in Brixton, south London.

Roots, a musician and chef, told the Guardian that being immortalised on screen is overwhelming: “It’s ‘fab-ilicious’, which is that sweet point between fabulous and delicious … It’s amazing.”

He was selling his homemade sauce at Notting Hill Carnival when he was talent-spotted for the Dragons’ Den in 2007. After serenading the dragons with his guitar, he whetted appetites for his sauce, securing a £50,000 investment from Peter Jones. The Reggae Reggae brand now has more than 50 products.

Leonard and Moorcroft – with producer James Spring – are building on the success of films such as Fisherman’s Friends – based on the true story of singing Cornish fishermen starring James Purefoy – which has so far grossed £7.2m in the UK alone, ahead of its forthcoming worldwide release. Finding Your Feet, their romantic comedy starring Timothy Spall, made £5.85m in the UK and $18m worldwide. Most home-grown independent films pale against such figures.

Although their new film is a comedy drama, it will show Roots’ tough life, from extreme poverty to violence. Like many of the Windrush generation, he grew up in Brixton at a time of political and social unrest, and was arrested during the 1980s riots. He found success as a reggae artist – singing “Happy Birthday Mr President’ to Nelson Mandela – but his music career was cut short by his time in prison. He describes this as his high point, because he turned his life around there, after “going in a very bad boy”. He converted to Rastafarianism and came up with the idea of a jerk sauce inspired by his grandmother’s Caribbean cooking.

2011 high court case in which he was accused of stealing his “secret recipe”from a former friend was his lowest point, he says. “I was the most famous black man in the country that didn’t kick a ball or run fast. I thought everything was amazing and I could relax … Then one of my mates threw a spanner in the works.”

Most painful was disappointing his beloved mother and the Caribbean community, who were so proud of him: “Her son was in court … My world came crumbling down. Maybe I should have said that I tried to ‘recapture’ my grandmother’s flavours… [rather than] ‘her recipe’. Then the judge said this is not a recipe that you can actually protect. He believed it was my work that created the sauce and the brand.That’s why I walked away with victory.”

Leonard described Roots as the “embodiment of triumph over adversity”. “It’s a classic redemptive tale, and so relevant.”

Despite difficult chapters, his story will be told as a comedy “because it’s life itself”, Roots said: “You have to laugh at yourself. I would love it to show the warts and all.”

He would like an unknown actor to play him on screen, and might take a cameo role – “maybe a bumbling takeaway shop owner who never has anything on the menu,” he laughs.

Written by: Dalya Alberge

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Karting puts Jamaica’s Beckham Toupikov 3rd

Jamaica and sports go hand in hand.  In like manner, what we are seeing these days is Jamaica expanding our sporting prowess and going into many non-traditional types of events. Be that as it may, not only are we entering the events and competitions, but we are also medaling and creating records and history at the same time. ‘You just don’t expect to see Jamaica in this sport’, is a statement of the past.  We are in everything, and best of all, everything is within us. 

The black, green and gold stamp is now firmly on Karting. We have turned a tourist and amusement park pull into one of our national sporting events. We have a national body for the sport in the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club (JMMC). Subsequently, we are invited internationally to compete and represent the flag. The JMMC has a great team which supports their drivers where ever they compete. 

Karting Today

In the same fashion, today we report on Jamaican representative Beckham Toupikov who continues to improve after stepping up in class. Competing in his fourth ever Mini race at the Spring/Summer Series Race #3 event held at Ocala Gran Prix in Florida on May 11th.

Accordingly, Beckham started off his weekend by qualifying 5th in the Mini Swift class. Under those circumstances, he then lowered his lap time by over a second to finish 3rd in the Pre-Final. This was over six seconds behind the winner. For this reason, in the final, he again dropped his lap time, finishing 3rd by just over one second.

JMMC has expect their congratulations to Beckham for his

Consequently, besides Karting, the JMMC supports motorsports such as drag racing, circuit racing, sprints, dexterity tests, and rallies. To learn more about the club and to become a member, check out their website at


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Jamaica Appoints New Honorary Consul in Philadelphia, USA

The Government of Jamaica has appointed veteran banker, Christopher Chaplain, as the new Honorary Consul to the State of Pennsylvania in the United States of America. The announcement was made by Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, Sen. the Hon. Kamina Johnson Smith on Monday, April 29.

Chaplain, who replaces the late Dr. Alston Meade, has extensive banking experience in Jamaica and the United States and has worked for premier financial institutions in both countries. He is a Senior Associate of Opportunity Finance Network and co-owner of the New York-based public relations firm Hard Beat Communications.

“Mr. Chaplain has a solid track record in serving Jamaica’s interest overseas. He brings to this post a wealth of experience, and will no doubt bring a vibrant and renewed energy to the execution of consular duties in Pennsylvania and increased engagement with the Diaspora in that part of the United States,” said the Foreign Minister.

In response to the new post, Chaplain noted, “I am greatly honoured that the Government of Jamaica, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, has seen it fit to appoint me to this very important position. It is a position in which I am strongly committed to serving Jamaica’s interests in the state of Pennsylvania.” Chaplain is a member of the Mayor’s Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs for the City of Philadelphia. He also received the Award of Excellence from the African and Caribbean Business Council for his leadership in the African and Caribbean community during the 2010 US Census.

He is the founder of the Canada Hall Scholarship Fund and the founding president of the St. George’s College Old Boys Association of the Northeast.
Mr. Chaplain holds a BSc. in Industrial Engineering from The University of the West Indies (St. Augustine) and an MBA from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He has been married for 26 years, to Margaret and the couple has two sons.


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Health Minister Opens Paediatric Cardiac Centre at Children’s Hospital

Minister of Health, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, has officially opened a new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art Paediatric Cardiac Centre at the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

The centre currently offers treatment and surgeries for children living with congenital heart defects. It is the only one of its kind in Jamaica, and it is complete with a 10-bed intensive care unit and a state-of-the-art biplane catheterisation lab.

The opening ceremony for the facility took place on Monday (April 15), on the grounds of the hospital, in Kingston.

Dr. Tufton said the centre will make a major difference in the lives of children who suffer from congenital heart defects.

“We have a responsibility to the next generation, and this demonstrates our commitment to carrying out that responsibility. There are about 400 or so children who are born in Jamaica with congenital heart-related diseases. Of that number, some 200 require some sort of surgical intervention. We have a waiting list of close to 200 currently in the country, so this facility is a response to that,” the Minister said.

He said one major goal within the first year after the official opening is to deliver a minimum of 100 heart surgeries inside the facility.

Minister of Health, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton (right), hugs Dr. Venice Guntly-McKenzie (second right), inside the new Paediatric Cardiac Centre which was officially opened at the Bustamante Hospital for Children on Monday (April 15). With them are Senior Medical Officer, Bustamante Hospital for Children, Dr. Michelle-Ann Richards (left); and Chief Executive Officer, Sagicor Bank, Chorvelle Johnson.

“We’re going to be building that up until we get to the stage where we can satisfy the demand [for heart surgeries] that exist,” he added.

He also thanked the donors: Shaggy Make a Difference, Digicel Group, Digicel Foundation, Chain of Hope, Sagicor Group Jamaica, Rotary Club, National Health Fund and individual donors, for contributions they have made to the construction and equipment.

“Their contribution on this journey is unquestionable. In fact, we wouldn’t be here without them,” the Minister said.

He also noted that the Government and donors are currently paying the cost for the surgeries, which can cost families approximately US$5,500 for surgery for children or US$2,000 for other procedures that are offered at the paediatric cardiac centre.

“We don’t charge for surgeries currently. We’re asking for contributions, because that’s what it costs us and our partners,” Dr. Tufton said.

He said the Ministry of Health will continue to put strategies in place that prevent children from suffering from congenital heart defects.

“It’s in keeping with our thrust to not only push prevention, but there are so many cases when prevention is not sufficient. In this instance, our young kids who are born with these conditions need curative measures, and we have a duty to provide that,” the Minister said.

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Bond 25: James Bond’s 25th Film Launched in Jamaica

James Bond or 007, the iconic fictional character that was created in the 1950s in Jamaica, has returned to the island for its 25th film: Bond 25.

“Bond 25” was officially launched on Thursday, April 25 via a live stream on the official James Bond Twitter account, which featured Director Cary Fukunaga, Producer Barbara Broccoli and James Bond himself (Daniel Craig). Many of the cast and crew are currently in Ocho Rios, Jamaica at the GoldenEye Resort, the villa where James Bond creator, Ian Flemming wrote all 13 Bond novels.

The producers and director revealed that at the beginning of Bond 25, 007 is not on active duty. He’s doing what most people do when they’re hiding out in Jamaica: just trying to have a relaxing vacation. No title has been released for the film yet, but it was revealed that Bond 25 will be Daniel Craig’s final time playing the character.

Aside from Jamaica, filming locations include Italy, Norway, and London, with studio production based at Pinewood Studios outside London. Bond 25 is due out April 8, 2020.

Speaking on the return of the famous character to the island, Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett said that showcasing Jamaica once more in such an iconic franchise as James Bond will have an impact on Jamaica’s tourism industry, providing enormous eternal marketing for the island.

History of James Bond in Jamaica

Ian Flemming

Jamaica has been heavily involved in all things Bond since the creation of the character in 1953. Not only were all the novels written on the island, but the first ever Bond film Dr. No. (1962) along with Live and Let Die (1973) were filmed in Jamaica. The Goldeneye estate, adjacent to James Bond Beach, is where Flemming lived and wrote in Jamaica for 12 years, before his death in 1964. In 2011, Fleming became the first English-language writer to have an international airport named after him: Ian Fleming International Airport, near Oracabessa, Jamaica.

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