You may dislike how he communicates at times but the TRUTH IS THAT  you dislike the pain truth brings…Dame Dash shares some real gems on independence and not letting the immoral aspects of the entertainment industry. Listen listen listen listen to what he is sharing….Shit is dope and real


Floyd “Money” Mayweather – Health Is Greater Than Money

A real vulnerable interview from Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.
Another extremely successful professional and arguably the best in this profession as a matter of fact Floyd is the best in boxing (well he retired) that
shares that money is very important but health and wealth is MORE IMPORTANT. THE OTHER CELEBRITY  who said money does not equate to
happiness is no other than the biggest and most successful hiphop/rap artist
Sean ” Jay z Carter”. That interview is hear is well.



The Black Woman The Scientists As Well

Black women are some of the most brilliant scientists in he universe just like her divine counter part the black male..Both are incredible and the original scientist. This video clip is nothing new as natural conductors of the sun and being the sun people we know the are in tune to divine sciences  we function in out appropriate context. Yes all things exist between the 1 and the 9 in it’s appropriate context..These beautiful women are the women who were the real brain power behind NASA. This site also has other content that pertains to the African descendants contribution to the sciences

Jay z Sistah Nancy and Damien JR Gong – BAM

Sistah Nancy, Jay z and Damien Marley share the affect of reggae music and the culture in the wonderful Island Of Jamaica… Now there is much more beautiful places in Jamaica. However, we could not leave out the sufferers and the community where some of the greatest music and cultural expressions were created and harnessed outside of Africa….Love exchange

NicK Cannon Stand For What

Nick Cannon and goes in hard… I mean hard with true facts. You can see Nick
Cannon is very aware. Very aware…Listen to the break down. Woaaahhhh! He spoke some words in this hear music, poem piece (southern  voice). This is the youngest CEO of a cable network..He used to be married to the highest selling music artist in history (Mariah  Carey)..Much respect to this and know this love is linked to truth. If someone does not love truth they do not know love. FACTS

A Black Billionaire You may Not Know Anything About

Yes we know PDiddy, Dr Dre and Jay Z are approaching a billion dollars… Well Jay Z is married to a 1/2 a billionaire
so he can very well be a Billy already. However there are Black billionaires and some are on the low…Yes i know
skin color is not all as integrity is all but i share this to develop your self esteem to reach higher on the economical
level…It also reiterates the necessity to reach for the highest goals.

Joey Bada$$ Goes In Straight Banger

Do Not ever sleep on this new generation…Listen as Joey Bada$$ of Flatbush and Bedstuy Brooklyn
drop raw undeniable jewels to spark your mind wrapped in lyrical dexterity…There is
a ton load of real MCing with deep awareness constantly being created. Alot of the times the older
generation distance themselves from the current generation but most are aware.
Joey Bada$$ for crushing this song with the truthful lyrics…. His album is dope as Phuck!


One Of The Two Greatest Boxers in History Muhammad Ali Being The Other

Floyd “Money” Weather is a dedicated warrior in his training outside if the ring and that’s
why he is greatest boxer fighter of our time..Like him or hate him regardless you have to
respect his grind and work ethic and his flawless boxing record (50-0)  and winning in 8 title bouts
spanning over 20 years…This warrior born in Grand Michigan is the greatest boxer of our time.
He has to be a smart man to win $350 million in 35 minutes in his fight against Conner Mcgregor
, near $250 million from his fight with Canelo Alvarez , $200 million with Manny Pacquiao.
This man went from being jerked in the Olympics where he should have won gold but was cheated of
that great honor although he showed that he deserved. Did Floyd get discouraged? Nope, he trained
even harder and then after fighting under the management of one of Boxing most powerful promoters
Bob Abrum he left and started to promote his own career thus reaping the lion share of the profit.
Watch and see boxing and great example when it comes to training hard and it’s rewards.

It’s Always Good TO Speak Of Martin Luther King Jr’s Other Speech About Money and Equality

Everyone Always talks about Martin Luther King ” I have a dream speech” and that’s all good.
as i love that speech but  most people and especially he media never address DR  Martin’s  speech
and his aggressive position of EQUAL ECONOMICS…To be equal we have to have equal economics facts.
The melanin people of the world need to control their economics….Racists people or covert racists speak of equality
but when it comes to equal economics they try to stop or undermine the necessity fo equal economics.

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