The Jamaican Billionaire Express He has Not Lost His Roots And Contrive To Increase Investment

The Island of Jamaica is know mostly for it’s several expressions in Music, food and having some of the best weather on earth. However although it has possibly the best weather on earth in a lot of places the the Climate does not feel right as it is influenced by the misguidance in the context of wealth distribution and thus serves as a catalyst for crime. This impedes on the progressive investment. Many of the Africa descendant communities (not all) but a lot suffer from the direct correlation between lack of employment, lack of investment and an decrease in the Quality of life for those same communities.
He can’t do it alone as others as well are taking steps towards turning this dilemma around.
It will take time. Do your part as well. Jamaica is not only about  weed and dancing.. There are many aspects to this wonderful place and the Richest man of Jamaica seems like he is serious in letting the world know and experience this and most important he wants to make sure his fellow Jamaicans experience greatness as well.

Billionaire Says He Has Not Forgotten His Roots and Contrive to Make Change

Mr Hamilton Has Plans On Bring Business To The Caribbean in Particular Jamaica

This young entrepreneur who was praised by Barack Obama and others regarding visions
and strategies of implementation to help level out the investment arena and eliminate the gap between the “haves” and the “haves not” has shed light on some good insight into achieving this.
Young and vibrant and of a fresh generation that can work with prior generations o bring about solutions.
This young vibrant entrepreneur has some good plans for under served communities

At 25 Billion dollars he has made smart decisions but is he right this time

Aliko Dangote the self made Billionaire from the richest continent has set out on a massive project. He has done other big projects but this may be his largest yet…..This man knows how to secure the bag but will he help others of the aboriginal persuasion to secure big bags as well. The clock is ticking.
The Billionaire and his Huge Project could be genius Or is it?


You may dislike how he communicates at times but the TRUTH IS THAT  you dislike the pain truth brings…Dame Dash shares some real gems on independence and not letting the immoral aspects of the entertainment industry. Listen listen listen listen to what he is sharing….Shit is dope and real


NAS featuring Quan — Moment Of Silence

This is one of my favorite songs..Dope classic. This is classic. This is hiphop for those that know real hiphop. Makes you feel good and plants awareness. is about promoting and pushing the good content forward for the youth to grasp..Media comes from balance..Popular media is not balanced but at this site, the site of empowerment we give you the gems..Honest talk. Listen to the edifying content right hear.



NicK Cannon Stand For What

Nick Cannon and goes in hard… I mean hard with true facts. You can see Nick
Cannon is very aware. Very aware…Listen to the break down. Woaaahhhh! He spoke some words in this hear music, poem piece (southern  voice). This is the youngest CEO of a cable network..He used to be married to the highest selling music artist in history (Mariah  Carey)..Much respect to this and know this love is linked to truth. If someone does not love truth they do not know love. FACTS


Recently had to revisit a woman I highly respect. A woman of virtue. A woman who moves in the appropriate context in the scope of the universe. I won’t say she is perfect but no one is perfect. I can concede and state adamantly she is very aware very wise and could serve as model for a lot of Black Women. I love my people and thus i cannot hate anyone else as hate cannot exist where love exist and in that breath i present a true woman of royalty because of how she thinks and walks.

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