Jay z Sistah Nancy and Damien JR Gong – BAM

Sistah Nancy, Jay z and Damien Marley share the affect of reggae music and the culture in the wonderful Island Of Jamaica… Now there is much more beautiful places in Jamaica. However, we could not leave out the sufferers and the community where some of the greatest music and cultural expressions were created and harnessed outside of Africa….Love exchange

NAS featuring Quan — Moment Of Silence

This is one of my favorite songs..Dope classic. This is classic. This is hiphop for those that know real hiphop. Makes you feel good and plants awareness. www.context19.com is about promoting and pushing the good content forward for the youth to grasp..Media comes from balance..Popular media is not balanced but at this site, the site of empowerment we give you the gems..Honest talk. Listen to the edifying content right hear.



Wutang featuring Redman – People You Say

Method Man, Redman, Raekwon, Master Killa and Inspectah Deck caught some serious wreck..Method went in like a gladiator and Inspectah Deck demolished and mangled the basement gritty Wu sounding track. This is raw Hip Hop!
Wutang! Wutang! Wutang!


Nas and Damien Marley – Patience This Song is a Mystical Banger

Came out in 2007 or so this song is classic and the video is fiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeee..Timeless classic. Nas and Damien went in
wisdom and gems dropped on the cranium in large quantities. What! who ever disliked this have some real psychological issues.
Kings and Queens be grateful and have patience…Bob Marely, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Steven Biko, Kwame
NKruma, Nelson Mandela, all would be proud


Jay Morrison And Other Celebrities Shutdown Racist Restaurant

Jay Morrison self made real estate mogul who turned his life around from a life of drug dealing because he learned
the good truths about his culture (African Culture) recently faced discrimination when the staff of a restaurant called “Houston” that is located near his office in Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia refused to serve and seat his staff.
The reference to Jane Elliot’s statement and social awareness experiment is spot on! Observe how the racist system use other black people as a proxy ( part the staff such as the hostess). I the staff and Houston’s had no idea the eruption and disruption that would inevitably occur
C’mon we can do better!

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