Buju Banton –I want to be loved

Buju Banton ruled the underground through most cities. You could not go to a party without hearing the mighty voice of Buju “Gargamel” Banton. Buju had a endless barrage of lyrics and an uncanny timing..In the reggae dance hall field in my personal opinion only Shabba Ranks and Possibly Super cat had greater timing and rode the rhythm like no other but that’s up to debate. Buju is a legend and he my be coming home from his incarceration..I don’t know why he was caught around that poison but regardless. He seemed like the was lured and setup,,, Everyone makes mistakes and if Buju is indeed is trying to pursue a path of integrity we should welcome the Banton’

The Black Woman The Scientists As Well

Black women are some of the most brilliant scientists in he universe just like her divine counter part the black male..Both are incredible and the original scientist. This video clip is nothing new as natural conductors of the sun and being the sun people we know the are in tune to divine sciences  we function in out appropriate context. Yes all things exist between the 1 and the 9 in it’s appropriate context..These beautiful women are the women who were the real brain power behind NASA. This site also has other content that pertains to the African descendants contribution to the sciences

Jay z Sistah Nancy and Damien JR Gong – BAM

Sistah Nancy, Jay z and Damien Marley share the affect of reggae music and the culture in the wonderful Island Of Jamaica… Now there is much more beautiful places in Jamaica. However, we could not leave out the sufferers and the community where some of the greatest music and cultural expressions were created and harnessed outside of Africa….Love exchange

NicK Cannon Stand For What

Nick Cannon and goes in hard… I mean hard with true facts. You can see Nick
Cannon is very aware. Very aware…Listen to the break down. Woaaahhhh! He spoke some words in this hear music, poem piece (southern  voice). This is the youngest CEO of a cable network..He used to be married to the highest selling music artist in history (Mariah  Carey)..Much respect to this and know this love is linked to truth. If someone does not love truth they do not know love. FACTS


Recently had to revisit a woman I highly respect. A woman of virtue. A woman who moves in the appropriate context in the scope of the universe. I won’t say she is perfect but no one is perfect. I can concede and state adamantly she is very aware very wise and could serve as model for a lot of Black Women. I love my people and thus i cannot hate anyone else as hate cannot exist where love exist and in that breath i present a true woman of royalty because of how she thinks and walks.

Stats Of Pertaining Black Families Without Blacks Fathers & Dads Plus The Need For Black Dads

With all the problems and attacks on the black community.
The #1 problem  and is not really addressed is the systematic design to separate
the Black Man from his family, to demoralize the black male….
When this happens the black family is suffers immensely and all other problems trickle into
the family and destroys it. The key is context and both a the black man and black woman must learn
the context of things in reality and move accordingly. Watch the clip below and see some eye opening facts.


Jamaicans Leading And Winning International Software Engineering Contests?

Group of Jamaican engineers won the about out 56 countries in developing real time software.
Microsoft were blown away by their invention and software..African people around the world
should be very very proud. We always hear about the reggae, soccer, Track and field, weed smoking,
hustling,  Drugs or gang violence but their is a nice portion of Jamaicans population which are very very
advanced in the computer sciences and information technology. Even Microsoft engineers were blown Away

Jay Morrison, Dr Boyce Watkins On The Houston Restaurant Discrimination

Listen to the facts how Black collective progress is frequently undermined by the black people that are used as a
proxy for white racist tactics..Had the manager been more courteous they could have spared themselves the lost of
thousands but not having stupid idiot policies based on racism. Watch as two black men encourage each other. Both are wealthy and both care about their people….I support both of these men…Don’t hate but just get on board.

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