Gabrielle Union Explains How She’s Had to Show Sons That Dark-skinned Women Are Cute Too

Gabrielle Union
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Gabrielle Union‘s fun request of her stepsons turned into a lesson in colorism this summer.

The former “Being Mary Jane” star, who spoke to reporters at the AT&T Dream in Black Luncheon over the weekend, explained that when she asked husband Dwayne Wade‘s sons Zaire and Zion, and his nephew, Dahveon to show her photos of the cutest girls in their high school, only one complexion came up.

“Literally, probably about 10 girls I looked at had the same light skin, curly hair, tiny waist, butt, boobs — it was the same girl over and over again,” she said according to Refinery29. “So I asked them to show me the most beautiful chocolate sister they’ve seen. They say there are none. I was like, ‘Why do they get exed out so fast? What is happening in your brain that is causing you to look at these women through a prism that is distorting their actual selves?’”

Then, Union pulled up the Instagram page of singer and “Star” actress Ryan Destiny, which got praise from the boys.


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“They’re like, ‘Oh, she bad!’ But do you know how many Ryan Destinies there are? I pull up every Black model, women from all over the world, and they’re beautiful. But they don’t see the beauty unless it comes from an actress or a supermodel or a video vixen. They have to have somebody else tell them that a chocolate woman is attractive for them to believe it.”

This isn’t the first time Union has addressed the issue of colorism, which has also affected many actresses in Hollywood. On “Oprah’s Next Chapter” in 2013, the star of the upcoming “Bad Boys” offshoot explained there’s a colorism debate raging even in the party scene.

“With pop culture, they have clubs and parties,” she says. “Light-skinned versus dark-skinned girls. And you see the flyers … That is an actual promotion … one one side they’ll use a picture of like, Kelly Rowland and on the other side it’ll be like Ciara.”

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N.J. Utility Company May Have Violated Their Own Code After Cutting Power to Grandmother Dependent on Oxygen Tank

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A utility company representative was told about a 68-year-old woman’s medical condition about a month before she died after her electricity was turned off because of a past due balance, the woman’s daughter said Tuesday.

Desiree Washington said the representative from Public Service Enterprise Group visited her mother’s Newark home in early June to seek payment of an unpaid utility bill. PSEG has said Linda Daniels’ bill was “severely in arrears” and that it made numerous attempts to contact her about it.

Daniels suffered from congestive heart failure and was in hospice care, and relied on an electric oxygen tank to breathe, said Washington, who lives in Pennsylvania. Washington said her brother, Samuel Daniels, spoke to the PSEG representative at his mother’s house.

Linda Daniels died last Thursday, hours after the electricity was turned off. A funeral service is scheduled for Wednesday.

PSEG, the state’s largest utility, said Monday it wasn’t told of Daniels’ medical issues, and that if it had, it wouldn’t have shut off the service.

Washington disputed that account.

“I just want them to take accountability,” Washington said Tuesday as she stood in front of her mother’s house. “We’re not making this about money. There’s a life involved. And we can’t get that back. Who are you to play God and turn the lights out and make that call? Was it worth it?”

Under New Jersey’s administrative code, a public utility can discontinue service if a customer owes more than $100 or if the account is more than three months past due.

Cutting off service is prohibited, however, “if a medical emergency exists within the residential premises, which would be aggravated by a discontinuance of service.” A utility is allowed to ask for a customer to submit a written physician’s note stating the nature of the medical issue.

Service also shouldn’t be discontinued if a customer pays the full amount or “a reasonable portion of the amount,” according to the code. Washington said $500 was paid to the utility two days before the power was cut off. According to local station WABC, $300 was paid in April and $450 another month from the nearly $1,800 balance.

PSEG didn’t immediately confirm whether it received the payment. On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the utility confirmed that a representative visited the Daniels house in June but reiterated that there wasn’t any notification of Daniels’ medical condition.

PSEG is conducting an investigation into the incident. Newark police also are investigating.

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Facebook Faces £500,000 Fine in U.K. Over Cambridge Analytica Leak

Facebook has been fined £500,000 ($664,000) in the U.K. after the country’s data protection watchdog concluded that its data-sharing scandal broke the law, making it as the social network’s first fine over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Yes, £500,000—that’s the maximum fine allowed by the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998, and equals to what Facebook earns every 8 minutes.

Facebook has been

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The Jamaican Billionaire Express He has Not Lost His Roots And Contrive To Increase Investment

The Island of Jamaica is know mostly for it’s several expressions in Music, food and having some of the best weather on earth. However although it has possibly the best weather on earth in a lot of places the the Climate does not feel right as it is influenced by the misguidance in the context of wealth distribution and thus serves as a catalyst for crime. This impedes on the progressive investment. Many of the Africa descendant communities (not all) but a lot suffer from the direct correlation between lack of employment, lack of investment and an decrease in the Quality of life for those same communities.
He can’t do it alone as others as well are taking steps towards turning this dilemma around.
It will take time. Do your part as well. Jamaica is not only about  weed and dancing.. There are many aspects to this wonderful place and the Richest man of Jamaica seems like he is serious in letting the world know and experience this and most important he wants to make sure his fellow Jamaicans experience greatness as well.

Billionaire Says He Has Not Forgotten His Roots and Contrive to Make Change

Mr Hamilton Has Plans On Bring Business To The Caribbean in Particular Jamaica

This young entrepreneur who was praised by Barack Obama and others regarding visions
and strategies of implementation to help level out the investment arena and eliminate the gap between the “haves” and the “haves not” has shed light on some good insight into achieving this.
Young and vibrant and of a fresh generation that can work with prior generations o bring about solutions.
This young vibrant entrepreneur has some good plans for under served communities

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