‘Long Live Africa!’ Meet the Gallant Congolese Hero Patrice Lumumba

Patrice Lumumba
Patrice Hemery Lumumba 1960

Patrice Hemery Lumumba (1925-1961)

  • Patrice Lumumba was an African nationalist and the first legally elected prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo beginning June 1960-September 1960.
  • In 1960 Lumumba gave an archaic speech advocating for liberation which offended many imperialist powers to the point that he was arrested and tortured.
  • He wrote essays and poems for Congolese journals as part of his work in Kindu-Port-Emparin. 
  • Lumumba was Prime Minister for only five months, he was terminated by President Kasavubu for going to the Soviet Union for help.
  • He served a 12-month sentence prison in 1960 for distributing liberal party literature and was charged with embezzlement.
  •  Hungary, Mali, Cuba, and Russia have streets, statues and buildings named in his honor.
  • Lumumba was the founder of MNC (Mouvement National Congolais), an African nationalist party within Belgian Congo dedicated to achieving independence from Belgium.
  •  Activist Malcolm X gave a speech in 1964 at a rally proclaiming Lumumba as the “greatest black man who ever walked the African continent” and a fearless leader.
  • Lumumba was transported to Katanga on January 18, 1961, and murdered on the orders of Belgian officials aided and abetted by the CIA. 
  • His last letter written to his wife foreshadowed his patriotic death in which he wrote “Long live the Congo! Long live Africa.”

The Patrice Lumumba is part of our Black Rebel series for Black History Month.

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50 Cent Says He Doesn’t Speak to Lloyd Banks: How Success Can Ruin Friendships

banks 50 speaking

It finally happened for you and your friends. You’re now a famous rap group, your songs are being played on the radio and everyone is finally making some real money.

That’s how things happen for a lot of groups who’ve built something wonderful as childhood buddies, only to break up years later and no longer speak.

Whenever this occurs, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Why can’t you guys stay together for the sake of your fans? Or, if you can’t get along, why not just record separately, show up for concerts and make your money? Furthermore, why can’t you, at the very least, salvage the friendship, since more than likely it came before the music?”

50 Cent could probably answer those questions because he no longer talks to his childhood friend Lloyd Banks, which he admitted in his new song “Crazy,” featuring PnB Rock.

“Called my son twice, he ain’t picking up the phone/ And Banks, we don’t even talk no more,” he rhymes.

If you’ve been following the rapper’s relationship, then you might not be surprised they’re no longer communicating. Because in a 2014 interview, Fif admitted that he treated the passing of Banks’ father the wrong way and their friendship suffered for it.

In fact, for many fans, it was the first sign that everything wasn’t hunky dory in the land of G-Unit.

“There was one point where you can even say I was a bit insensitive,” said 50. “[When Banks’] father passed away and I was like, ‘All right, he passed away, but you can’t just go home and stay home.’ He went home and just stayed at the house. Ask Kanye, his mother passed away while his record was at a peak point. If he didn’t go on tour, he wouldn’t be the Kanye you know right now. He worked his way through that situation; the world doesn’t stop.”

Then in 2016, the two Queens natives seemed to grow even further apart after Banks posed for a photo with The Game, 50’s longtime enemy.

“What do you see when you look at this picture? I see confusion,” wrote the “Power” actor. 

At this time, it’s unclear whether 50 cut off Banks entirely, or if G-Unit is done for good but either way, whatever bond they’ve established prior to fame has dramatically shifted.

Plus, based on what both rapper’s said in the past, Fif’s intense go-hard nature seems to be the key reason they’re no longer on speaking terms.

But sometimes it’s not just one’s personality that causes a group to split — surprise, surprise — it’s often about money.

The legendary rap duo EPMD is a prime example of two childhood friends that broke up over finances, plus, some serious accusations.

In 1993 the group parted ways after member Parrish Smith accused partner Erick Sermon of having his house robbed. Parrish believed his longtime friend was involved after a suspect was arrested and said he was paid by Sermon to burglarize the home.

Additionally, Parrish was the one who looked after the group’s finances, and there were rumors that Sermon wanted more money. But in the end, nothing was proven and Sermon was never charged.

Besides EPMD, other childhood buddies that split over money include the Hot Boys, Eric B & Rakim, Arrested Development, Ice Cube and N.W.A., the list goes on.

Creative differences have also been the catalyst for many a breakup, like in the case of the North Carolina group Little Brother.

After putting out three critically acclaimed albums in “The Listening,” “The Minstrel Show” and “Get Back,” the group parted ways because they couldn’t see eye to eye on music or business. Even before that, the group’s producer 9th Wonder stepped way.

“Ultimately, me and ‘Te were moving in one direction musically and professionally, and 9th was moving in another direction musically and professionally,” said Big Pooh. “Sometimes sh– just happens. I never understood when EPMD, Pete Rock and CL Smooth and A Tribe Called Quest broke up.”

“[When] you’re on the outside looking in, it’s like, ‘Yo, what the f–k. They make great music, man. What are they doing?’” he continued. “But now I understand it. You got three grown ass men and all three of us are at different places in our lives and want different things. It just comes to a point where, in order for you to keep going, you have to separate.”

Another type of break up in music happens when one rapper gets huge, signs another, only for their relationship to fall apart —like in the case of JAY-Z and Kanye West.

By now, most people are probably familiar with the story of how the Brooklyn rapper help discover Ye, and how the GOOD Music founder dissed him.

One would think that Kanye would’ve done whatever it took to stay friends with the “4:44” creator, considering he made him a multimillionaire and all.

The same could be said about Beanie Sigel, who released a slew of diss songs after Jay signed him and made him famous.

The Roc Nation boss even talked about giving people chances and being betrayed on Kanye’s song “Monster,” which some may find ironic since he and Ye still aren’t speaking.

“Love, I don’t get enough of it / All I get is these vampires and bloodsuckers / All I see is these n—– I made millionaires / Milling about, spilling they feeling in the air,” Jay rhymes.

The same kind of beef happened between the rappers Remy Ma and Fat Joe as well.

After Big Pun discovered Remy and he passed away, Joe signed the talented MC to his label and gave her a chance to make some noise in the industry. But after Remy’s debut sold poorly, and she blamed the Terror Squad leader, the two didn’t speak for years.

Of course, they both reconciled, dropped their Grammy-nominated hit “All The Way Up” and proved that groups can put their past behind them and focus on what’s important the music.

Who knows if 50 and Lloyd Banks will see things that way too.

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Shooter Was ‘Determined’ and Fully Aware of His Actions, Showed No Remorse, Police Say 

African migrants ItalyMILAN (AP) — A right-wing extremist suspected of shooting six Africans in central Italy was “lucid and determined, aware of what he had done” and exhibited no remorse, an Italian law enforcement official said Sunday.

Luca Traini, 28, remained jailed as police investigated him on multiple counts of attempted murder with the aggravating circumstance of “racial hatred” for the Saturday attacks in the Italian city of Macerata.

The five men and one woman wounded in the two-hour drive-by shooting spree are from Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Mali, according to RAI state television.

Italian authorities said they seized Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” other publications linked to Nazism and a flag with a Celtic cross, a symbol commonly used by white supremacists, from Traini’s home Sunday.

The suspect was an unsuccessful candidate last year in a local election for the anti-migrant Northern League political party. Italy’s ANSA news agency quoted acquaintances saying he previously had ties with the neo-fascist Forza Nuova and CasaPound parties.

Photographs released by police showed Traini with a neo-Nazi tattoo prominently on his forehead and an Italian flag tied around his neck.

Col. Michele Roberti, the Carabineri commander in Macerata, told Sky TG24 that Traini demonstrated no remorse for the two-hour rampage and “it’s likely that he carried out this crazy gesture as a sort of retaliation, a sort of vendetta” for the gruesome slaying of a teenager a few days earlier.

A Nigerian man has been arrested in the death of Pamela Mastropietro, 18. Her remains were found in two suitcases days after she walked away from a drug rehab community.

Police said her bloody clothes, a receipt from a pharmacy where she bought a syringe, and knives consistent with the crime were found in the Nigerian suspect’s apartment. Roberti ruled out any personal connection between Traini and the slain woman.

The woman wounded in the shooting spree, a 29-year-old identified only as Jennifer, told La Stampa from her hospital bed that she no longer feels free to walk around the city “with peace of mind.”

“I never hurt anyone. I was talking and laughing with three other people” when she was struck by the bullet, she told the Turin-based newspaper.

One of the six victims was released Saturday. The remaining patients were all stable, with one in intensive care and Jennifer facing surgery on her shoulder, doctors said Sunday.

Her boyfriend told La Repubblica they were waiting at a bus station when he saw a man pointing something at them from a black car. He realized then that it was a gun.

“I gave Jennifer a push to get her out of the way and threw myself down. And I heard a shot: Boom!” said Ogie Igbinowania.

Jennifer told the newspaper she arrived in Italy seven months ago and joined her boyfriend in Macerata.

“I have always been comfortable here. People are friendly. I don’t know why that guy fired at us,” she said.

A Nigerian community leader in Macerata, Sammy Kunoun, said he heard the shots as he was going to meet with cultural mediators about organizing a sit-in to support Mastropietro’s family. They called off the event after the shootings for fear of further racist attacks.

“Now, we are all victims in this story,” said Kunoun, adding that the immigrant community has been well-integrated in Macerata. Foreigners are 9.2 percent of the city’s 43,000 residents, according to official data.

Anti-foreigner sentiment has become a key theme of a heated electoral campaign. Italy has struggled with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants in the last few years coming across the Mediterranean Sea in smugglers’ boats.

The general election is scheduled for March 4 and the head of the rebranded League party, Matteo Salvini, had capitalized on the teen’s killing in campaign appearances even before the shooting Saturday.

Salvini is pledging to deport 150,000 migrants in his first year in office if his party wins control of parliament — drawing sharp rebukes that he is using the migrant crisis to foment xenophobia for political gain.

Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni warned in Rome after the attack that “the state will be particularly severe against whoever thinks of feeding the spiral of violence.”

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‘Where Have They Been?’ 12 Child Stars That Left You Wondering

child stars
(Carsey-Werner Productions/Bill Cosby Productions/Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)
Dondre Whitfield — Robert Foreman from “The Cosby Show”

Dondre Whitfield came of age as the boyfriend of Vanessa Huxtable and at 48, he’s playing a love interest again — Remy Newell — on Ava DuVernay’s “Queen Sugar.”

child stars
(SGranitz/WireImage/Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Republic Records)
Parker McKenna Posey — Kady Kyle from “My Wife and Kids”

At 22, Parker McKenna Posey has appeared in an episode of the FX series “Snowfall” in 2017 and is due to appear in the upcoming drama/thriller “Conundrum: Secrets Among Friends.”

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FEMA Says It Is Not Cutting Off Aid to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Power Company
The announcement that Puerto Rico’s governor is moving to privatize the U.S. territory’s public power company has many on the island of 3.3 million people asking whether this will finally bring them more affordable electric bills and more reliable service. (AP Photo/Carlos Giusti, File)

HAVANA (AP) — The Federal Emergency Management Agency says it is not cutting off food and water supplies to Puerto Rico despite reports that it intended to do so.

FEMA spokesman William Booher told The Associated Press that the agency has been evaluating whether enough stores and supermarkets reopened by Jan. 31 to justify ending distribution of food and water to municipal governments on the island. He said no decision has been made and officials mistakenly made the date public this week.

Booher said FEMA is in the process of winding down food and water distribution as stores and markets come back online, but he stressed it will continue to distribute aid to needy towns for the foreseeable future.

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